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Liberal Arts Management Program names first director

April 5, 2017

Professor David Bivin, professor of economics, has been named the first director of the newly established Liberal Arts Management Program (LAMP) in the IU School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI. The LAMP will prepare students to take a step beyond being employees, putting them on the fast track to a future as leaders and managers. The program's certificate will bring together students from different majors to bridge the liberal arts and business. Through courses from both the Liberal Arts and the Kelley School of Business, students will challenge the status quo, explore many perspectives, boost their credentials, and prepare to become great leaders.

“Liberal Arts majors are very popular with a number of business people,” says Bivin. “The program is designed to give students specific knowledge that will make them more valuable employees coming out of the gate.” As program director, Bivin will oversee the day-to-day operation of the program. He also plans to seek opportunities—such as internships—for students to more fully immerse themselves into the business environment.

“Professor Bivin’s commitment to students and the liberal arts, along with his deep understanding of the foundational nature of the liberal arts for career success, make him the perfect choice as the founding director of LAMP,” says Professor Kristy Horn Sheeler, Associate Dean for Academic Programs in the School of Liberal Arts and professor of communication studies.

The business world is increasingly seeking Liberal Arts degrees as a result of the growing demand for communication skills, problem solving, and the ability to analyze data. The LAMP program gives students a background in business and a step up in the hiring process.

“I am looking forward to watching students discover new opportunities that are there waiting for them,” Bivin says. “I hope that the program will grow very much on its own for the first couple of years! Ultimately its success depends on providing an experience that the students find rewarding both while they are here at IUPUI and then once they start pursuing their careers.” For more info about LAMP, please email