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Africana Studies

Ronda C. Henry Anthony (Director)

[Photo]: Ronda C. Henry Anthony

Campus Address: Cavanaugh Hall 501N
Phone: 317-278-0885
Email: ronhenry@iupui.edu
Appointments: Public Scholar of African American Studies and Undergraduate Research
Associate Professor of English and Africana Studies
Director of Africana Studies
Founding Director of the Olaniyan Scholars Program
Academic Interests: American Literature/Studies
African, African-American, and American Literature
Gender Studies
Caribbean Studies
Teaching: Courses in English include early American literature, 19th century American literature, African American literature, the Harlem Renaissance, and Black masculinities
Courses in Africana Studies include Deconstructing Barbie, Hip Hop, Race, and Gender, and Africana Studies Research Methods.
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Ramla Bandele

[Photo]: Ramla Bandele

Campus Address: CA 503F
Phone: 317-274-1463
Email: rbandele@iupui.edu
Appointments: Associate Professor of Political Science, Africana Studies
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Edward E. Curtis, IV

[Photo]: Edward E. Curtis, IV

Campus Address: CA 335
Phone: 317-278-1683
Fax: (317)278-1325
Email: ecurtis4@iupui.edu
Appointments: Millennium Chair of the Liberal Arts; Professor of Religious Studies; Adjunct Professor of American Studies and Africana Studies
Academic Interests: Africana religions; Islamic studies; U.S. history; modern Middle East; religion and politics.
Teaching: Religion and Culture; Introduction to Islam; African American religions; Islam in America; Religion and Racism; Theories of Religion; Islam and Modernity.
[Icon]: Website https://edward-curtis.com/ Website
[Icon]: CV Curriculum Vitae
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Gina Sánchez Gibau

[Photo]: Gina Sánchez Gibau

Campus Address: AD 5002K
Phone: 317-274-4926
Fax: (317)274-1785
Email: gsanchez@iupui.edu
Appointments: Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Diversity and Inclusion
Associate Professor of Anthropology
Faculty of University College
Adjunct Professor of Africana Studies
Academic Interests: Cultural anthropology, Cape Verde, diasporas, race and ethnicity, migration, multicultural education
Teaching: ANTH A104 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANTH E403 Women of Color in the US
ANTH E384 The African Diaspora
ANTH E457 Ethnic Identity
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Ch. Didier Gondola

[Photo]: Ch. Didier Gondola

Campus Address: CA 503R
Phone: 317-274-8160
Fax: (317)278-7800
Email: gondola@iupui.edu
Appointments: Chair History Department, Professor of History; Africana Studies
Academic Interests: View Faculty CV

Colonial Africa, African Diaspora, popular culture, gender and urban issues in west and central Africa.
Teaching: World history surveys and upper-division courses in African history.
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Alice A Hardy

[Photo]: Alice A Hardy

Campus Address: CA 327
Phone: 317-274-8741
Fax: (317)278-2525
Email: alicsmit@iupui.edu
Appointments: Africana Studies,General Studies and Olaniyan Scholars Program Sr. Administrative Secretary
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Kelly E. Hayes

[Photo]: Kelly E. Hayes

Campus Address: CA 335E
Phone: 317-278-2639
Fax: (317)278-3354
Email: keehayes@iupui.edu
Appointments: Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Adjunct Associate Professor of Women's Studies
Adjunct Associate Professor of Africana Studies

Academic Interests: Afro-Brazilian and Afro-diasporan religions; Women & religion; Gender/Sexuality and religion; Possession religions; Ritual studies; new religious movements; black magic
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David E. Hoegberg

[Photo]: David E. Hoegberg

Campus Address: CA 501H
Phone: 317-274-9823
Email: icic100@iupui.edu
Appointments: Associate Professor of English; Africana Studies
Academic Interests: I am interested broadly in issues of power, negotiation, and community in literature, intertextuality in literature, and cultural hybridity. My most recent work is on post-colonial literature, particularly South African literature and writers J. M. Coetzee and Zoe Wicomb; I have also published and presented conference papers on Athol Fugard (South Africa), Chinua Achebe (Nigeria), Derek Walcott (St. Lucia), and Earl Lovelace (Trinidad).
Teaching: My teaching interests include South African literature and society, 20th-century African literature, British literature to 1800, European classics in translation, Shakespeare, and colonialism in literature.
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John R. Kaufman-McKivigan

[Photo]: John R. Kaufman-McKivigan

Campus Address: CA 531
Phone: 317-274-5860
Fax: (317)278-7800
Email: jmckivig@iupui.edu
Appointments: Mary O'Brien Gibson Professor of History, Africana Studies
Academic Interests: Nineteenth-century U.S. history (the Antebellum, Civil War and Reconstruction eras), American reform movements, and American ethnic history, American labor history
[Icon]: CV Curriculum Vitae
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Jason M. Kelly

[Photo]: Jason M. Kelly

Campus Address: UL 4115T
Phone: 317-274-1689
Fax: (317)278-7800
Email: jaskelly@iupui.edu
Appointments: Director
IUPUI Arts and Humanities Institute

Associate Professor of British History
Department of History

Adjunct Associate Professor
Africana Studies Program

Adjunct Associate Professor
American Studies Program

IUPUI-Newcastle Exchange Program

Academic Interests: eighteenth-century Britain, history of archaeology, history of art and architecture, history of environment, Anthropocene, history of science, gender and masculinity, historiography and theory
Teaching: Undergraduate Courses: Western Civilization, World History, Modern British History, Enlightenment Europe, Eighteenth-Century Britain, Gender in Modern Britain, Comparative British Imperialisms, Scientific Revolutions in Europe, Modern History of Science, The Making of the English Working Classes

Graduate Courses: Britain's Long Eighteenth Century, Gender in Enlightenment Britain, Digital History, Historiography and Theory
[Icon]: Website http://www.jasonmkelly.com Website
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Missy Dehn Kubitschek

[Photo]: Missy Dehn Kubitschek

Campus Address: CA 501L
Phone: 317-274-0080
Email: mkubitsc@iupui.edu
Appointments: Professor of English, Africana Studies, Women's Studies, and American Studies
Academic Interests: African-American literature, women's fiction, British Victorian fiction, and multicultural American literature
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Modupe Labode

[Photo]: Modupe Labode

Campus Address: 420 Cavanaugh Hall
Phone: 317-274-3829
Email: mlabode@iupui.edu
Appointments: Associate Professor of History and Museum Studies, Public Scholar of African American History and Museums, Public Scholar of Africana Studies, Adjunct Associate Professor of Africana Studies, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of History
Academic Interests: Public History Museum Studies African American History Commemoration Women's History
Teaching: Museum Methods Introduction to Museum Studies Curatorial Practices The Nature of History Public Interpretations of African American History African Americans in Indiana The African Diaspora The Guantánamo Project
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Obioma G. Nnaemeka

[Photo]: Obioma G. Nnaemeka

Campus Address: CA 543A
Phone: 317-278-2038
Fax: (317)278-7375
Email: nnaemeka@iupui.edu
Appointments: Chancellor's Professor of French, Women's Studies and Africana Studies
Academic Interests: black women writers, feminist theory, transnational feminisms, French/Francophone literatures, oral and written literatures of Africa and the African Diaspora, gender and development, human rights
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Una Okonkwo Osili

[Photo]: Una Okonkwo Osili

Campus Address: CA 527
Phone: 317-278-8908
Email: uosili@iupui.edu
Appointments: Director of Research at the Center on Philanthropy; Associate Professor of Economics and Philanthropic Studies, Africana Studies
Academic Interests: Microeconomics, international economics, and economics of developing countries
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Jennifer Thorington Springer

[Photo]: Jennifer Thorington Springer

Campus Address: CA 501K
Phone: 317-278-2636
Email: jtspring@iupui.edu
Appointments: Associate Professor of English, Africana Studies
Academic Interests: Caribbean literature; postcolonial literature and studies; African American literature; ethnic immigrant literature
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Joseph Lennis Tucker Edmonds

[Photo]: Joseph Lennis Tucker Edmonds

Campus Address: CA504E
Phone: 317-274-7366
Fax: (317)278-9942
Email: jtuckere@iupui.edu
Appointments: Assistant Professor of Africana Studies and Religious Studies
Academic Interests: African and African American Religions, Religion and Globalization, Liberation Theology, Womanist Theology, Alternative Christianities, New Religious Movements in the African Diaspora
Teaching: Religion and the Politics of Dissent in the African American Experience, Comparative Liberation Theologies, Comparative Religions
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Cassandra Renee Williams

[Photo]: Cassandra Renee Williams

Campus Address: CA 213A
Phone: 317-278-2841
Email: cw206@iupui.edu
Appointments: Interim Manager for Recruitment and Retention; Associate Faculty for Africana Studies
Academic Interests: African American, Internet, Society, Digital Divide, Global Age, K-12 Partnerships, School Systems, Cultural Production, Online vs. Offline, Access, Broadband, Intellectual Property
Teaching: Courses Taught: The African American Experience, Women Autobiographies, and Women, Race, Culture and Education, African Americans and the Internet.
[Icon]: Website http://www.educationalinnovation360.com/ Website
[Icon]: CV Curriculum Vitae
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Associate Faculty ( Africana Studies )

Leslie Kenneth Etienne

[Photo]: Leslie Kenneth Etienne

Campus Address: CA327
Phone: 317-274-8662
Email: lketienn@iupui.edu
Appointments: Adjunct Instructor in Africana Studies
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Jason E Housley

[Photo]: Jason E Housley

Campus Address: CA 327
Phone: 317-274-8662
Email: jhousley@indiana.edu
Appointments: Adjunct Instructor in Africana Studies
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Oladele O Omosegbon

[Photo]: Oladele O Omosegbon

Campus Address: CA 327
Phone: 317-274-8662
Email: oomosegb@iupui.edu
Appointments: Adjunct Professor Africana Studies, Assistant Director of the Center for Global Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development
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Juhanna Nicole Rogers

[Photo]: Juhanna Nicole Rogers

Campus Address: CA313
Phone: 317-274-1103
Email: junroger@iupui.edu
Appointments: Adjunct, Africana Studies
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Mary Parker Wheeler

[Photo]: Mary Parker Wheeler

Campus Address: CA327
Phone: 317-274-8662
Email: mapwheel@iupui.edu
Appointments: Associate Faculty, Africana Studies
Academic Interests: American History, Adult Education
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David L Williams

[Photo]: David L Williams

Campus Address: CA313
Phone: 317-274-1103
Email: dw58@iupui.edu
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Emeritus/Retired (AFRO)

Monroe H. Little (Retired)

[Photo]: Monroe H. Little

Campus Address: CA504L
Phone: 317-274-5840
Appointments: Associate Professor of Africana Studies and History
Academic Interests: Afro-American Studies, American education, and recent American and Afro-American history
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