MA in Sociology Alumni

Discover some of the Department of Sociology’s MA graduates

Learn about them and and what they did in the few years since completing their MA Degree. Their most current position is listed first.

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2020 Graduates

  • Swapnali Chavan: Ph.D Student Sociology, Syracuse University.
  • April Eales: Fulltime Coordinator for the Never Alone Project, Indianapolis.
  • Sabrina Cordon: Project Manager at Regulated Health Care Market Research.
  • John Coberg II: Ph.D Student in Human Sexuality at the California Institute of Integral Studies.

2018-2019 Graduates

  • Amber Kriech: Talent Development Consultant at Indiana University Health in the Learning Institute (part of Human Resources) and adjunct instructor for the Organizational Leadership undergraduate program at IUPUI.
  • La Shea Walker: Community Outreach Educator, Planner Parenthood, Indianapolis.
  • Ashley Vowels: Ph.D. Sociology Student at the University of Kentucky.
  • Allison Pierce: Ph.D. Criminal Justice Student at Indiana University.
  • Mark Bischof: Case Manager at CICOA Aging and In-home Solutions.

2016-2017 Graduates

  • Amy Hemphil: Fulltime Faculty at IVY Tech Community College, Indianapolis; Research Associate/NSCEP Project Coordinator, Lake Institute on Faith & Giving at the IU Lilly Family School of Philanthropy.
  • Amanda Horn: Ph.D. Student Sociology, Wayne State University.
  • Cameron McAlister: Ph.D. Student Sociology, University of Kentucky.
  • Liz Farrington: Intelligence Analyst Supervisor, Indianapolis Marion Police Department Crime Gun Intelligence Center Unit. Previously: Research Associate, Indiana Criminal Justice Institute.
  • Maya Youghbor: Institutional Researcher for Ivy Tech.
  • Kyle Huskins: Ph.D. Student, Indiana University School of Education Urban Studies.
  • Allison Muzzey: Ph.D. Student, Human Development Family Studies, Michigan State University.
  • Nicole Strange (Garner): Special Education Teacher at Emmerich Manual High School and Professional Transcriptionist.
  • Emily Recchia: Coordinator of the Employment Program for Valley Enterprises, Wabash Valley Alliance, Lafayette, IN. Adjunct Faculty at Ivy Tech Community College
  • Ling Tao: Ph.D. student, School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University.

2015 Graduates

  • Andrew Drea: Ph.D. Student, Ohio State University.
  • Monica Williams: Ph.D. Student, Sociology, Purdue University.
  • Brian Collins: Ph.D. Student IU School of Education. Previous: Academic Advisor, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Sciences and Exploratory, Indiana University Kokomo.
  • Brianna McCaslin: Ph.D. Student, Sociology, Notre Dame University.
  • Marissa Huth:  Mixologist at Plat 99, Indianapolis IN.
  • Donald Combs: Research Associate, Luther Consulting, Indianapolis IN. Associate Instructor, IVY Tech and IUPUI.
  • Ashley Sherrow: Associate Instructor IUPUI and HIV Screening Coordinator for Eskenazi Health. Previous: HIV Prevention Training and Development Program Manager at the Indiana State Department of Health.

2014 Graduates

  • Jordan Dunn: Members’ Services Coordinator. Alpha Gamma Delta Fraternity, Indianapolis IN.
  • Kelly VanBusum: Lecturer in Computer Science at IUPUI, Indianapolis and Mother of two.
  • Robbie Janik: Assistant Director, Survey Research & Evaluation, a Division of Institutional Research and Decision Support at IUPUI.
  • Traci Bridgit: Research Associate, Luther Consulting, Indianapolis, IN.
  • Jeren Miles: Sr. Community Affairs Manager at Lyft.
  • Elizabeth Adams: CHEER Program Coordinator in the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences (CHEER stands for Community Health Engagement and Equity Research), IU Fairbanks School of Public Health.

2013 Graduates

  • Ebenezer Akinola: Independent Consultant training medical personnel to use electronic records.
  • Brian Barnes: Associate Instructor, Liberal Arts Department, Quincy College, MA.
  • Jewel Flitcraft: Ph.D. Student at Walden University; Human and Social Services. Adjunct Faculty at Ivy Tech Community College and Marian University’s Adult Program.
  • Zhao Liu: Ph.D. Student, University of Hawaii, Sociology. Switched to U of Illinois-Urbana, Sociology 2015 and then Statistics in 2016.
  • Yunping Xie: Ph.D. Student, Tsinghua University School of Marxism in Beijing, China.
  • Shola Jhanji: Clinical Research Monitor, Indiana CTSI (IU School of Medicine). Previous: IRB Specialist with Neuroscience Clinical Research Services within the Indiana University School of Medicine. Research Compliance Associate, Human Subjects Office, IU Office of Research Compliance.

2012 Graduates

  • Matthew Portner: JD Student, IU School of Law, Indianapolis; Broker, Charles Schwab; Volunteer Police Officer, Germantown, Ohio.
  • Neal Carnes: Ph.D. student Georgia State University, Sociology. Previous: Research Assistant, Luther Research Consultants-Indianapolis; Ph.D. Student at IU, Indianapolis, Public Health.
  • Anna Muraveva: Ph.D. Student at Ohio State University, Sociology.
  • Ashley Botchis: Regulatory Compliance Manager at Harrison College, Indianapolis. Previous: Assistant Director of Career Services and Data Analyst at Harrison College, Indianapolis.
  • Brandon Mouser: Associate Faculty, Sociology Department, University of Indianapolis. Previous: Associate Faculty, Sociology Department, IU, Indianapolis; Adjunct Lecturer at Butler University, University of Indianapolis, and Ivy Tech. Earned a second MA in Philosophy, IU, Indianapolis.
  • Sara Lynn: Research Analyst for Dr. Bell at IU, Indianapolis, Sociology; Associate Sociology Faculty Butler University, Indianapolis, IN.
  • Janice McCloud: Public Affairs and Government Relations Office at IU, Bloomington, Instructor, Ivy Tech. MA Student, Library Science at IU, Indianapolis.

2011 Graduates

  • Barry Barker: Project Manager, Dept. of Veterans Affairs, Indianapolis. Previous: Research Assistant, Dept. of Veterans Affairs. Research and Administrative Support Specialist for the Survey Research Center at IU-Indianapolis.
  • Tara Hobson: Director of Graduate Programs and Student Success for the IU School of Medicine. HERS Bryn Mawr Alumna 2017 and doctoral student in higher education leadership and administration at Indiana State University.  Previous: Director Indiana BioMedical Gateway (IBMG) Program for Ph.D. Study, IU School of Medicine, Assistant Director, IUPUI Solution Center.
  • Breinne Compton: School-based Behavioral Consultant and Community-Based Youth and Family Therapist for Connections, Indianapolis, IN.
  • Mary Cox: Grants Coordinator for the IU-Indianapolis, School of Liberal Arts. Previous: Data Manager, NIH R01 HIV Partner Study and Research Coordinator, Institute for Research on Social Issues, IU-Indianapolis.
  • Gara Burnet Krieder: Ph.D. Student at the University of Cincinnati, Sociology. Previous: Program Director 1, HIV Surveillance Division at ISDH; Instructor, IVY Tech.
  • Kyle Henderson: Screening and Surveillance Coordinator, Bell Flower HIV/STD Clinic, Indianapolis, IN.
  • Sam Allen: Student Services Administrator for the Department of Physics at IUB and Adjunct Sociology Instructor at Ivy Tech Bloomington. Previous: Graduate Placement Secretary at IUB in the Sociology Department and as an Adjunct Sociology Instructor at Ivy Tech in Bloomington.

2010 Graduates

  • Erica Reichert: Regional Manager, National Youth Advocate Program. Previous: Program Director, Indiana Mentor Children’s Services. Therapeutic Foster Care Program Coordinator and Home-Based Therapist, Indiana Mentor Children’s Services.
  • Amanda Zimmerman: Information Analyst at Early Learning Indiana. Previous: Research Associate, Girls Inc. National Resource Center, Indianapolis.
  • Gina Romano-Mosier: Ph.D. student at IU-Bloomington in Inquiry Methodology (School of Education).
  • Somer Case: Clinical Research Coordinator of Oncology clinical, behavioral, and survivorship trials, IU Simon and Bren Cancer Center. Previous: Clinical Research Specialist, IU Psychotic Disorders Program.
  • Regina Pessagno: Ph.D. Student at the University of Illinois, Sociology.
  • Chris Conner: Ph.D. Student, Sociology, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.
  • Cynthia Solinsky: Associate Faculty, IU, Indianapolis Sociology; Continued for a second MA in Special Education, IU, Indianapolis, IN.
  • Sarah Aktepy: Ph.D. Student, Portland State University, Sociology; Qualitative Analyst, Behavioral and Social Health Outcomes Program Army Institute of Public Health, US Army Public Health Command.
  • Jularut (Dew) Padunchewit: Sociology Instructor for Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand.

2008-2009 Graduates

  • Ben Drury: Sociology Instructor, Morton College, Cicero, Illinois. Previous: Associate Faculty for IUPUC, IVY Tech, and Butler University. HIV Prevention/Testing Counselor, Wishard Hospital ER.
  • Sarah Patterson: Ph.D. Student at Penn State University, Sociology. 2017-2019 Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Western Ontario; Previous: Project-Data Manager, Indiana Youth Institute; Associate Faculty IU, Indianapolis, Sociology.
  • Sam Jones-Ellard: Assistant Director, USDA Livestock, Poultry, and Grain Market News.  Owner, Patty’s Reach Catering.  Previous:  Public Affairs Specialist and Speechwriter, USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service.
  • Lisa Lloyd: Senior Learning Manager, Girls Inc. Previous: Community and Workforce Education Developer at IUPUI Division of Continuing Studies. Previous: HIV Service Advisory Board Liaison, ISDH, HIV/STD division; Community Outreach Program Coordinator, Washington, DC based Family and HIV/AIDS Alliance.
  • Tiffany Stergar (Smith): Instructional Coach for Harrison College Online Division (Supervising online instructors and teaching online); Previous: General Education Faculty for Harrison College (teaching sociology, psychology, Strategies for Success, and Information Literacy); Adjunct Sociology Faculty for IUPUC and IUPUI.
  • Rachel Katterjohn: Yoga Instructor and Merchandise Coordinator (self-employed), Devotion Yoga, Hoboken New Jersey.
  • Jeremy Roseberry: HIV/STD Project Manager at Health Care Education and Training, Inc. (HCET). Previous: Various positions at the Indiana Department of Health HIV/STD/Hepatitis Division.
  • Sarah (Hossler) Melchi: Qualitative Research Analyst, G&S Research, Indianapolis, IN.
  • Andrea Freund: Grants and Communications Manager for AYS, Inc (Formerly at Your School Child Services), Indianapolis, IN.
  • Amanda (Richey) Wolfe: Grants Manager for the Indiana State Department of Health. Previous: Disaster Management Planner, Indiana State Department of Health.

2006-2007 Graduates

  • Stacia Murphy: Ph.D. Student American Studies IUPUI. Previous: Communications Director for City Mosaic – Partnership of Churches – a nonprofit working to empower those in poverty through mutually transforming collaborations. Previous: Youth and Family Programs Manager at Indiana Black Expo, Inc. and the Cultural Arts Pavilion Coordinator at Indiana Black Expo, Inc.; Previous: Qualitative Research Analyst, G&S Research, Indianapolis.
  • Wyndy Smelser: WGS Research Consulting; Previous: Senior Moderator/Analyst for G&S Research, Indianapolis, IN.
  • Deanna McQuillan: Ph.D. Student at University of Colorado, Denver, Health & Behavioral Sciences; Previous: Behavioral Researcher Level II with the National Jewish Medical and Research Center, Denver, CO.
  • Sarah Vincent: MA Student in Divinity and Marriage/Family Therapy at the Theology Seminary, Indianapolis. Previous: Academic Advisor for IUPUI; Sociology Faculty, Indiana Art Institute.
  • Tanya Gilbert: Client Account Executive for American Health Network. Previous: Health Promotion Coordinator for Humana; Health Specialist for Concentra onsite at Allison Transmission; Associate Sociology Faculty, Marian College, Indianapolis, IN.
  • Anthony H. Lawson: Outcomes Research Consultant, Eli Lilly, Indianapolis. Previous: Health Policy Research Analyst, IU Center for Urban Policy.
  • Tysha Hardy Sellers: Associate Sociology Faculty at Franklin College and IVY Tech; Executive Director, the Edna Martin Christian Center, Indianapolis, IN.
  • Merih Tzeggai Bennett: inVentiv Health Clinical as a Site Activation Management Associate. Previous: inVentiv Health as a Grant Administrator; Clinical Research Specialist at the IU Simon Cancer Center; Research Analyst, Regenstrief Institute, IU Center for Aging Research. Previous: Entry Level Analyst, G&S Marketing Research, Indianapolis; Case Manager, Marion County Community Corrections.
  • Charles Hulen: Ph.D. Student, University of Cincinnati, Sociology; Junior Research Associate, UC Institute of Policy Research.

2003-2005 Graduates

  • Aimee Zoeller: Director (Director of Sociology, Coordinator of Women’s Studies) and Sociology Dept. Coordinator at IUPUC. Previous: Program Coordinator, Women Taking Charge Program at STEP-Up (HIV prevention organization).
  • Sharon Sidenbender: IU-VA – Research Project Manager. Previous: Assistant Administration Director, IUPUI Survey Research Center.
  • Tiffany Martin Brown: Executive Director and Founder, Own Your Own Health; Adjunct instructor at UC Denver – Health Policy Faculty. Previous: University of Colorado Denver, Department of Family Medicine; Completed her Ph.D., Sociology, University of California, San Francisco in 2007.
  • Mathew Gayman: Assistant Professor, Sociology at Georgia State University; Previous: Completed his Ph.D, Sociology, Florida State University in 2008; Post-Doc at UNC.