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Posted on November 4th, 2019 in Students/Alumni by Sydnee Perkins
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There are no words to describe how quickly the last three years have completely flown by. It is quite mind-blowing to think my undergraduate career is rapidly coming to an end, but I know that it is only the beginning of a new chapter. Honestly, it is refreshing to look back and reflect on my experiences over the last three years. My experiences studying in political science have indeed broadened my perspective on the world around me both domestically and internationally. Political science is full of an array of potential opportunities, whether it is conducting research or actively engaging out in the field. The Political Science Department has provided me with the necessary resources needed to take advantage of the opportunities it has to offer to enhance one’s undergraduate experience. For example, the department sets forth assistance with scholarships, internships, research opportunities, and so on.

Over the last three years, I have taken political science courses focused on theory, policy, public opinion, government structure, and the judicial system. These courses have allowed me to acquire skills that further enhanced my political science degree. I was fortunate to receive a scholarship from the Political Science Department, which helped to ensure that I could participate in a service-learning program abroad in Croatia this past summer. This experience allowed me to further my political science degree by gaining a multi-disciplinary approach in social work. Additionally, this past summer, I was also able to take part in working closely with a faculty mentor on a survey research experiment. From that opportunity, I was able to gain hands-on experience assisting in a survey experiment focused specifically on political science research. Thus, each of these opportunities has allowed me to implement the skills taught in the classroom. In my experience, the Political Science Department is readily available to assist in achieving academic and professional goals.

Throughout my undergraduate career, I also had the opportunity to engage in a political science internship with the Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic Expungement Help Desk. This internship opportunity is one of the many internships available through the Political Science Department. This hands-on experience allowed me to further my degree by engaging within the Indianapolis community, assisting individuals throughout the expungement process, and working hands-on with individuals from diverse backgrounds. The internship, in turn, advanced my understanding of the legal system specifically within Indiana.

My experience in political science has provided me with significant opportunities that have helped to prepare me for the remainder of my undergraduate career and beyond. Thus, my undergraduate experience in political science has impacted me personally, academically, and professionally. I intend to carry the skills learned throughout these experiences in my personal and professional affairs. These last three years studying political science has exposed me to an array of opportunities and given me the chance to see the world, government, and society through a different lens. As well, has ensured that upon graduation, I have acquired a broad multi-disciplinary perspective which will benefit me in my professional career and beyond. As my undergraduate career comes to an end, I think that the opportunities I have participated in have well exceeded and fulfilled my expectations for college.