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Posted on March 7th, 2022 in Internships, Students, Students/Alumni by Aaron Dusso
POLS intern

by Hanna Temperly

  • Where are you completing your internship?

Brattain Minnix Tolliver

  • What connections can you make between this internship and the work you have done in your classes?

In contract law we have an assignment where we evaluate a contract of our choosing and explain the basic elements that are within it. I chose a fee agreement contract from my law firm as an example. I regularly have to draft, send, and file agreement contracts for new clients in my position.

In tort law we have discussed damages, settlement, and remedies. I frequently receive mail with restitution checks inclosed in my position. I have to properly deposit the money, and log the exchange into Clio, my firm’s law practice management system in order for the money to go to the necessary party that the restitution is owed to. Also, I have communicated settlement options that my supervising attorney has suggested with clients.

In litigation we have discussed the pleading process and case documents within cases. I have to draft and file different types of pleadings like motions to continue, notices of appearance, and corresponding orders for my supervising attorney on a daily basis.

  • How has the work you completed in the internship enhanced your understanding of law?

This internship position has given me an opportunity to get real work experience in the legal industry. My understanding of law has significantly altered since starting this position. In practical application, I now work hands on with laws and rules of procedure. Although I am at the beginning of my journey with legal proceedings, I am starting to connect the dots between rules of procedure and how to fulfill the necessary requirements of such. For example, I know what to include on an appearance form and why such information is put there. On the other hand, I am also getting more aquatinted with the court systems, especially the electronic filing and data systems like MyCase, Pacer, and E-file providers. My understanding continues to improve and grow each day as I am presented with new challenges. Each client and case is different, I am learning how to proactively manage clientele and tasks as I advance in my position as well.

  • What advice do you have for students looking for an internship?

For students looking for an internship, I would advise them to get involved in the network. Go to events and activities specific to the paralegal industry. After attending one event with the Indiana Paralegal Association, I made connections that lead me to my current position. It is vital to every individual’s professional development to cultivate a strong network.

Extensively research a company before an interview. You need to have at least three to five questions specific to the job and/or the company to ask the interviewer as well. Do not forget to follow up after the interview thanking whoever conducted the interview!

Be self aware. Take time to look introspectively on yourself. Debate who you are and what you want, professionally speaking. It is good know a few genuine strengths and weaknesses off the top of your head as they are common questions for any type of interview.