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Posted on June 12th, 2020 in Faculty by Aaron Dusso
Tijen Demirel Pegg

Don’t miss Dr. Demirel-Pegg’s interview on WTHR 13 about the recent movement to defund the police. What does it actually mean? Short answer: reducing, but not eliminating, police department budgets and reallocating those funds toward crisis care, healthcare, housing, jobs, and schools.

Check it out here

For those interested, the city and county budget for Indianapolis and Marion County can be found here: City/County Budget

Here is a summary figure of adopted appropriations for Indianapolis by city department:

For further readings on the topic:

Political Science and other academic research on policing can be found at the Portals Policing Project

Here is a discussion among our fellow academics on Race and the Criminal Justice System: Where Do We Go From Here?

The Marshall Project provides nonprofit journalism about criminal justice

Duke’s Carceral Studies Network brings together research on mass incarceration, aggressive policing, and hyper-punishment