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Posted on November 5th, 2020 in Alumni Spotlight, Broadcasting, Sports Reporting by Emily Turnier
Joey Lamar blog image
Master's in Sports Journalism graduate Joey Lamar

On a typical day, Joey Lamar, a 2013 Sports Journalism Master’s graduate, visits local high schools, colleges, and other venues to gather information and stories about area sports teams. Lamar has been the Sports Director at KXMB in Bismarck, North Dakota, since 2017.

“My experience at KXMB has been truly amazing,” he said. “I wish everyone had the joy of waking up and doing what they love for a living.”

Lamar moved to North Dakota for the position.

“It was not a challenge — this is an opportunity to live out my dream,” he said. “In sports, especially early in your career, you have to be flexible. In this industry, starting in a top 10 market is almost unheard of.”

Lamar said his time at IUPUI was invaluable.

“The professors, like Pamela Laucella, gave me a solid foundation in journalism,” he said. “I learned from Malcom Moran, one of the greatest sports reporters of a generation.”

Lamar has several pieces of advice for students interested in broadcasting:

  1. “In television, you have to be able to write concisely without losing the context of the story. What separates you is your ability to write well.”
  2. “If you don’t like high school sports, this might not be the profession for you. Almost every reporter will start out covering high school sports.”
  3. “People who aspire to be on television need to know how to edit on different editing software. Knowing more than one editing tool will set you apart.”
  4. “Be coachable and don’t take correction personally. If your boss says something about your work product, take it to heart. They have years of experience and are probably guiding you in the right direction.”
  5. “Check your resume reel. There is no excuse for a future reporter to have a black frame in their reel. Not paying attention to details could be the difference in you receiving a callback and not receiving a call.”