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Posted on April 3rd, 2021 in Internships, News Reporting, Student Spotlight by Emily Turnier
Picture of Terrence Lamber smiling

IUPUI Journalism senior Terrence Lambert

Senior Terrence Lambert is one of two Indiana undergraduate college journalism students chosen for the 2021 Indianapolis Press Club Foundation summer fellowship. The 10-week fellowships pay $6,000 each.

Lambert will work at the Indianapolis Recorder newspaper this summer.

“I was really excited when I found out that I landed this fellowship,” he said. “The excitement was also mixed with nervousness because I will be joining the newsroom of a pretty popular Indianapolis publication.”

“I am looking forward to getting firsthand experience in the newsroom and understanding the process — from pitching story ideas, getting a hold of sources, conducting interviews, and seeing stories go from a simple idea to being published.”

Lambert’s primary goal for the summer is to publish stories that are well-received by the readers.

“I want to be proud of the work I produce,” he said.

Lambert plans to graduate in August 2021, and is currently finishing up a year-long internship with IUPUI as a social media content intern.