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Posted on November 5th, 2020 in Podcasting, Sports Reporting, Student Spotlight by Emily Turnier
Caleb Lynn image

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, senior Caleb Lynn found himself with a bit more time on his hands. So, Lynn took the time he had at home to work on creating and hosting a sports-themed podcast, Lynn-Sanity.

“I was able to plan episodes and guests, and spend time getting as informed on the topics I am discussing as I can be,” he said.

Lynn had been a guest on fellow student Alex Burr’s podcast, The Running Hook, and brought to Burr the idea of doing a sports segment on his pod a couple of days a week. Burr flipped the idea back onto Lynn and said Lynn should start his own podcast, so Lynn-Sanity was born.

“This will be my first year hosting a podcast,” said Lynn. “I have been a guest on podcasts, but it is a totally different ballgame when you are hosting.”

Lynn learned how to podcast via Internet research and through friends with experience.

“I always asked questions to see how they put podcasts together because I found podcasts to be interesting,” he said.

Lynn’s goal is simple: To give listeners the opportunity to enjoy sports conversation for an hour. He doesn’t want it to be political. He wants it to be a space where people can come to listen to conversations with people that are passionate about sports.

Lynn expressed that his classes at IUPUI have been a great resource in starting this adventure. They have provided him a foundation to build his podcast on, he said.

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