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Posted on November 16th, 2021 by Emily Turnier
Picture of Meghan Rominger for blog post

Master’s student Meghan Rominger

Sports Journalism Master’s student Meghan Rominger interned at Sports Illustrated this summer as part of Sports Journalism Institute (SJI), a training and internship program that works to increase the diversity in the nation’s sports media. We asked Rominger about her experience:

1. How did you feel when you learned you had been accepted into SJI?

“I was really excited when I learned I was accepted to SJI, but I was also shocked. SJI accepts only the best candidates from across the country, so I knew when I applied that I’d be competing with the best young journalism talent in the U.S. I was so happy I got the internship and I was excited to be placed with Sports Illustrated, but I’m still kind of shocked that I was chosen out of so many talented applicants.”

2. What kinds of tasks did you work on at Sports Illustrated?

“Sports Illustrated allowed me to work on a lot of different projects. I was able to pitch and write some of my own stories, and I also spent a lot of time researching and fact-checking stories for other editors and writers. At the end of July and into early August, I worked on the September issue, and I was able to get three bylines from that work.”

3. Was the internship virtual or in-person?

“My internship was virtual. I severely missed getting the opportunity to be in New York, but I still had a ton of fun.”

4. How did the internship go? What was your favorite project to work on?

“The internship went really well! All of the other interns were extremely welcoming and fun to talk with, and everyone on staff was also very kind and welcoming. In the September issue of SI, I worked on a sports betting map and project that required me and another intern to build a spreadsheet of sports betting information for all 50 states. It was extremely time-consuming and really stressful, but it was so rewarding seeing my name in the magazine at the conclusion of the project.”

5. What were your goals for this internship?

“This summer, I really wanted to focus on doing my assigned internship duties to the best of my ability, and I definitely think I did that. I spent a lot of time researching and fact-checking, and all of that work helped me move closer to figuring out what kind of career I want when I graduate.”