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Posted on November 5th, 2020 in Alumni Spotlight, Public Relations Jobs, Social Media Jobs by Emily Turnier
Morgan Campbell blog image

Morgan Campbell, B.A.J. ‘18, a social media and digital marketing specialist at IU, has been working hard to keep students, employees, and supporters informed about coronavirus developments as they relate to IU. She manages and posts for all official IU social media channels.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, Campbell has had to switch gears into crisis communication. She relays as much information as the school knows as timely as possible.

“I want our audience to know we’re doing what we can, and we hear them throughout these uncertain times,” she said.

It’s been somewhat stressful monitoring all the COVID-19 questions and concerns students, employees, and others have about the rapidly changing situation, she said. But Campbell doesn’t blame them. She wants to respond and help as many people as possible but knows IU still doesn’t have all the answers.

“We want to make sure that people know the steps we’re taking to get to those answers,” she said.

Campbell tries to post messages that are engaging so that students can still feel involved with their school — even though classes have moved online. Not being on campus physically has disappointed many students, especially seniors. In the spring, Campbell posted photos of blooming flowers on campus so that students could enjoy them. She also asked them to send photos of their new at-home “classrooms” so their peers can see where they are learning. Keeping the audience engaged while they are all so far away can be difficult, but rewarding, said Campbell.

“My journalism and public relations classes prepared me for a job in social media,” Campbell said. “We learned so much about putting things in a better light while also being transparent. My goal is to give as much transparency as possible while also engaging our followers.”

She said a huge component in social media is writing clearly and concisely, and she is thankful for her journalism background.

“I am so lucky to work for a place that provided me my education, making it another reason why I love what I do,” she said.