Why Study Economics?

Economic issues and questions are all around us –touching all aspects of society.

As a student of economics, you will study the ways in which human beings interact with value and scarcity. These concepts influence everything from our individual purchases to how healthcare is distributed to why nations come into global conflicts. The skills and knowledge you gain will become the cornerstone for success in many fields including business, government, law, and education.

Explore these degree options:

Bachelor of Arts
Master of Science
5-year BA to MS Dual Degree
Ph.D. in Health Economics

Shot of a group of programmers working together on a computer code at night

Here just a few industries in which economics graduates find careers:

  • Data Science
  • Securities Trading
  • Law
  • Actuary Science
  • Urban Planning
  • Government/Policy Research
  • Non-Profit Management
  • Business Consulting
  • Banking
  • Supply Chain Management

For more information

If you are considering majoring or minoring in Economics, either as a new student or as a transfer student, please contact the office of Student Services in the IU School of Liberal Arts for an appointment with our advisors