Graduate Studies in Economics

Graduate Studies in Economics is a perfect entryway to fields such as healthcare administration, law, business, urban planning, consumer advocacy, and natural resource management.

The Department of Economics provides graduate degree options at the Master’s and Ph.D. level. Courses are taught in a nurturing and friendly environment that encourages student-faculty and student-student interaction within and outside of the classroom. Our graduates have enjoyed a very high professional placement rate with employers such as the Federal Home Loan Bank Board, the Indianapolis Department of Commerce, the Indiana State Budget Agency, the IU Medical Center, Pedcor Bancorp, Spiegel, Inc., Union Federal Savings Bank, the Veterans Administration Medical Center, and Walker Research. Our students have also continued their academic careers at other universities such as Chicago, Cornell, Indiana, Iowa, North Carolina, Rutgers, UC-San Diego, and Virginia Tech.

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If you are considering a graduate degree in Economics either as a new student or as a transfer student, please contact Professor Peter Rangazas