We want to welcome you to the IUPUI Jaguar Forensics Debate Team section of our website. As a member, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery, camaraderie, competition and excitement that no other co-curricular activity can offer. We have won numerous awards and been ranked nationally as a speech team by the National Forensics Association. None of this would be possible without you, the student.

Classes at IUPUI can be rigorous. Schedules will be hectic. The demands of this activity along with your other committments will be difficult to balance. But we’re confident in your ability to continue the tradition of excellence that IUPUI has come to know in a very short time.

Debate offers students at IUPUI the opportunity to build effective public communication skills through competition and advocacy. The program is open to any student at IUPUI. If you are interested in Law School, Communication Studies, and/or English, the forensics program is a terrific way to build the necessary skills for success in those areas.

For Further Information, Contact:
 Ian Sheeler 


Kyle Greer                                                                     Tom Sewell and Taylor Barret

The IUPUI Debate team won awards as it traveled to University of Dayton to participate in its annual NEDA Debate Tournament 2015 (November 13 & 14).  Winning awards for IUPUI were Kyle Greer (computer science) who won third speaker overall in Crossfire debate while Tom Sewell (informatics) won fifth speaker overall in Crossfire.  This was Kyle’s second debate and Tom’s first.  Also, Tom was on a joint IUPUI/Ball State University team with Taylor Barret as they won fourth place team overall in Crossfire.  Pictures attached are Kyle with his award and Tom and Taylor with their team award.