An internship provides hands-on experience in the workforce and can help you clarify your interests, gain experience in an industry, and discover what kind of professional environment is most appealing to you.

Credit or No Credit?

Depending on your major, you may need to complete an internship to fulfill your graduation requirements.  Check with your academic advisor in the Office of Student Affairs to find out if you can or need to complete an internship for credit.

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Think About It:

“Candidates with internship experience were considerably more likely to receive a job offer than their counterparts who did not have any experiential education in their background.”

 “Graduates with internships also tended to receive a significantly higher starting salary offer.”

    -  National Association of College’s & Employers (NACE) Research Brief: 2010 Student Survey

Office of Career Development Can Help!

Our career coaches can help you determine what types of internships will be most beneficial to you and then identify resources for finding those opportunities.

  • We will provide feedback on your resume, cover letters, and any other application materials
  • We will help you prepare for your internship interviews
  • We will talk with you about making the most of your internship experience

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Make the Most of Your Internship Experience

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