Center for Africana Studies and Culture

Welcome to the Center for Africana Studies and Culture at IUPUI

Founded in the fall of 2020, this center begins to fulfill IUPUI’s decades-long promise to create venues and opportunities for a more comprehensive engagement with the Black experience and developing a public facing arm of the Africana Studies Program.

Housed in the historic Walker Theater, we seek to affirm, explore deeply, and celebrate the richness of global Black life and culture through our community-engaged and campus-wide programming by reaching beyond the limits of the institution and classroom. Recognizing the urgent need to amplify issues that affect Black communities worldwide, the Center’s work aims to embody the commitment to social responsibility and struggle Africana Studies was founded upon.

Leslie K. Etienne, Ph.D.
Founding Executive Director
Director, Africana Studies Program
Associate Professor, Africana Studies

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