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Posted on January 2nd, 2023 in Announcements, Community Engagement, Events, Faculty, Students by David E. Hoegberg
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Dr. Holzman, Museum Studies, SLA

On Monday, December 5, 2022, Dr. Laura Holzman, SLA faculty member in Museum Studies, gave a presentation in the Engaged Art History Event Series on the process of developing and leading a project-based course involving multiple types of partners. In fall 2022, the Museum Studies Program at Indiana University IUPUI launched a collaboration with the Museum of Broken Relationships to develop The Museum of Broken Relationships Indianapolis, a crowd-sourced exhibit about love, loss, and growth that will open at the Herron Galleries at IUPUI and sites around Indianapolis in February 2023. Blurring the ostensible boundaries between research, teaching, and service, the project involves multiple courses, each of which includes a constellation of partners within and beyond the university. Focusing on her fall 2022 Curatorial Practices course, one part of the larger project, Dr. Holzman identified the types of partners, explained how the work and relationships developed, showed how they connect with student learning activities, and reflected on the products and processes of the layered collaborations.

This is one many activities related to The Museum of Broken Relationships Indianapolis, a project that Lois Silverman and Dr. Holzman are developing in partnership with the Zagreb-based Museum of Broken Relationships. SLA will promote the exhibit and programs throughout the spring semester. The Engaged Art History event series is also an initiative of an international community of practice around public scholarship in art history, an organization co-founded by Dr. Laura Holzman. Click here to learn more about this terrific partnership.

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