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Bachelor of Arts Degree in Anthropology

Completion of properly distributed credit hour requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree, as indicated in the degree map of the IUPUI School of Liberal Arts, which includes the following:

Completion of 34 credit hours, with a minimum grade of C in each course, from among the following distribution of Anthropology courses (or from approved substitutions)

  • 12 Credit Hours in Core Courses
  • 18 Credit Hours in Advanced Courses (300 or above) including: one research or applied methods course, one archaeology course, one bioanthropology course, one cultural anthropology course, and two additional 300-400 level courses from a selected listing
  • 4 Credit Hours in Capstone Courses

For more information, please click here. Also, here is a checklist of courses.

Please contact the Anthropology Faculty Mentor, Dr. Wendy Vogt ( or the IU School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI Academic Advisor, Shannon Kelley (

IUPUI Applied Anthropology

The Master of Arts in Applied Anthropology offers students the opportunity to use anthropological theories and methods toward the goals of solving real world problems. The program is constructed around a set of core courses together with independent research and internships. The degree takes advantage of our long-standing departmental strengths in Public Archaeology, Urban Anthropology, International Development, Globalization, Medical Anthropology and Museum Studies. Students may choose to follow a targeted curriculum, focusing on a particular aspect of the discipline; all students will also be well-trained in a broad range of anthropological approaches. This integration of three of the four sub-fields in Anthropology (Archaeology, Biological Anthropology and Cultural Anthropology) makes this program distinctive among graduate programs in Applied Anthropology. Another notable feature of the program is its emphasis on civic engagement and community collaboration in student and faculty research.

Specifically, the program will:

  1. Offer residents of central Indiana the opportunity to undertake graduate work in applied anthropology at an urban, public university;
  2. Provide additional skills and expertise to those employed in such areas as social work, urban planning, community organizing, public health, community nursing and cultural resource management;
  3. Provide a foundation for students who wish to pursue a PhD in Anthropology from another institution.

How To Apply

Requirements for admission: There are no specific prerequisites, majors, or courses required. You do not have to have majored in Anthropology as an undergraduate to apply to our program but you do need to have a BA or BS from an accredited university and to have a reasonable background in the Social Sciences. If you are not sure whether you are ready to make a commitment to an MA program in Anthropology, you are welcomed to take up to 9 credits (3 courses) in our department as a non-degree student. If you are subsequently accepted into our program, those credits will be retroactively counted toward completion of your MA. To find more information about enrolling as a non-degree student, see the IUPUPI Graduate Office site for prospective non-degree students.

To apply for the M.A. in Applied Anthropology, you must submit an application, personal statement, three letters of reference, GRE scores, and transcripts from all of the institutions you have attended as an undergraduate or a graduate student.

The graduate school application is on-line and is available at this link: On-line Graduate Application:

1) An on-line application including a personal statement. The personal statement should address the following two items. Please follow the directions below and use the question headings to label each item of your response:

a) Statement of purpose (600 words):  In your statement of purpose, specifically discuss the academic and professional experiences that helped shape your decision to pursue graduate work in Applied Anthropology. Explain your educational and career objectives and how these relate to the IUPUI program. Please examine our departmental faculty web site to familiarize yourself with our faculty's areas of expertise before you submit your application. One of our primary criteria for evaluating applicants is to make sure your interests are a good match with our department's strengths.

b) Personal endorsement (150 words): Briefly explain why you think we should admit you to the program. What assets will you bring? What are you capable of? How will you make a difference in the program? You might consider describing your personal/professional work ethic, values, or other orientations that drive your work. 

The Graduate Online Admissions Application (also called the "eApp") is filled out on-line. You may save a draft and return to it until you are ready to submit it. The application fee must be paid by credit card or echeck (note: echecks cannot be refunded if needed for some reason) before it can be submitted:

2) Three letters of reference, at least one of which should be from a person who can speak to your academic record (such as a faculty member). Letters from supervisors who can address professional or internship experiences are also relevant. Make sure your referees can speak to your strengths and abilities as a future graduate student. We prefer that letters of reference be submitted electronically through the Apply Yourself system but if necessary, they can also be sent directly to the Anthropology Department mailing address below.

3) All Transcripts. Please request official transcripts from all previous colleges and universities you have attended. Note: We do not require a transcript from IUPUI or IU Bloomington since we can access them electronically. You must have at least one official transcript demonstrating a bachelor's degree from an accredited university. If you are in your senior year, submit your most recent transcript with your application. If admitted, you will be asked for an official transcript documenting your completed degree and it must be received before you will be allowed to register for your second semester of classes. The recommended minimum cumulative GPA is 3.0 (on a scale of 4.0) both overall and in your major field. If you feel that your GPA does not reflect fully your academic abilities because of special circumstances, please address those in your personal statement or a separate note in your application.

4) Your Graduate Record Exam (GRE) scores. GRE scores from the general exam (i.e. no specific subject is required) are required without exception, regardless of previous degrees earned or enrollment in other programs. The scores must be reported before your application will be reviewed. Scores may be reported electronically (specify school code #1325) by the testing service. If you are taking the GREs close to the application deadline, you may send or fax a copy of your report since test takers often receive their reports before the electronic report is available.

Because this question is often asked, the IU Graduate School guidelines recommend an average of at least 550 with one score above 600, but the Anthropology admissions committee considers test scores within the context of the entire application, including evidence of an applicant's abilities as assessed through undergraduate records, references, professional experience, and the personal statement. 

Please note that to be eligible for nomination for a University Fellowship, your application much be uploaded in complete form by January 15. Please see the Office of Student Financial Services for further information and deadlines for filing FAFSA forms in order to request need-based financial aid. As a department, we are able to nominate 4 candidates for consideration for University Fellowships but we do not make the final decisions.
 We will review a second round of applications submitted by March 15. These applicants will not be eligible to be nominated for University Fellowships, though there may be other forms of support that are available (such as Research or Teaching Assistantships).

If you are interested in also pursuing an additional degree or certificate in a related program such as Museum Studies, Public History, or Geography, you must apply separately to those departments. Please check for information on their web sites through the IU School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI.

Please note that while the Museum Studies program is based in the Anthropology Department and many of the courses are cross-listed with Anthropology, if you wish to pursue either a joint degree or a Museum Studies Graduate Certificate, you must apply separately to that program. For further details, see the Museum Studies web site.

Deadline: January 15th for University Fellowship consideration, March 15th for all other consideration.
Requirements for admission: There are no specific prerequisites

IMPORTANT NOTE: All candidates must complete the form online. Paper applications are no longer accepted and will be returned to you. If you have additional materials that must be submitted in hard copy, such as transcripts or letters of recommendation, please have these documents mailed to the following address:

Graduate Admissions Committee
Department of Anthropology at IUPUI
Cavanaugh Hall 413
425 University Blvd.
Indianapolis, IN 46202

For further information, contact the Graduate Program Director:

Dr. Jeremy Wilson
(317) 274-5787
Anthropology Club - Anthropology Awareness Week
Presidents of the anthropology club hosted an information booth for students during Anthropology Week.

Undergraduate Minors in Anthropology

Anthropology Minor

Cultural Diversity Minor

Ph.D. Minor in Anthropology

Students who are candidates for the Ph.D. degree in other programs or departments may obtain a minor in Anthropology at IUPUI. The intent of the minor is to develop interdisciplinary skills, exposing students to theories and methods outside of their major department.  The Ph.D. minor in Anthropology has an unstructured curriculum that can provide students with a foundation in basic areas in Anthropology and the opportunity to study advanced anthropological theory and research methods.
  Requirements for the Ph.D. minor in Anthropology consists of completing 12 credits including:

  • Anthropology 501, Fundamentals of Applied Anthropology.
  • An additional three courses at the 500 level or above.
  • An average grade of B (3.0 on a 4.0 scale) or above in all 4 courses.
  • All of these courses must be taken in the Anthropology Department on the IUPUI campus.

Students wanting a PhD Minor in Anthropology should initially meet with an advisor in their home department. Then, please contact the Graduate Program Director in Anthropology, Dr. Jeremy Wilson ( for more information.