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Native American Student Scholarships

Financial aid can be confusing enough, but with all the myths that surround scholarships or financial funding for American Indian students, it can be downright confounding. The fact is that not EVERY person with Native American ancestry is entitled to money for college. Any monies that are made accessible for American Indiana students are specifically for tribal citizens of the sovereign nations who established these provisions for college by federal treaty with the United States.

For a student to be eligible for many Native American scholarships, such as Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) scholarships, the student should be an enrolled member of a federally recognized tribe, though there are some exceptions. Each institution will usually require specific proof of enrollment and funding will most likely be denied without that proof. Proof of enrollment may be offered in the following ways:

• A "tribal identification card" issued by a federally recognized tribe or nation.

• Birth or baptism records which list your tribal affiliation.

• An affidavit from a recognized tribal official familiar with the applicant's family history

• Identification from a recognized Native America provincial or territorial organization.

If you are just beginning your journey towards discovering your Native American heritage, please note that the process may take up to two years or more and requires a great deal of research and time. Because tribes are sovereign, the identity process very much resembles the US Passport structure and it is YOUR responsiblity to provide the correct documentation to prove your ancestry - and NOT the responsibility of any Native tribe or nation. If you have not initiated this process already, it is much wiser to look to other funding resources. Our AIP office is here to assist our faculty, staff, students and their families navigate these difficult challenges! We are happy to provide advise and guidance to any one interested in learning about Native scholarships. 


AIP is VERY EXCITED to sponsor the IUPUI Sindoqua Scholarship and we are always looking for community sponsors to help fund this important initiative. For more information on how to donate your time, money or resources please contact us at:!