IUPUI dNAIS at Yale As part of IUPUI NAIS, Dr. Jennifer Guiliano (IUPUI Native American History) was awarded an NEH grant to create the groundbreaking and very successful first workshops focusing on Digital Native American and Indigenous Studies (dNAIS)! Workshops were held at Yale, Northern Arizona University, and IUPUI in 2016-2017.

Native American and Indigenous Studies Minor

The minor is a 15-credit program which requires two courses: N101 Introduction to Native and Indigenous Studies (3 credits) as well as N396 Native American and Indigenous Studies Experiential Learning (3 credits). The remaining three courses can be chosen from a myriad of approved Native content courses offered through various departments within the IU School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI. Students must be currently enrolled at IUPUI and maintain a grade of "C" or better for all courses in the program. Program enrollment should be initiated by the beginning of the junior year.

Classes are often taken by students in a number of fields to satisfy cultural diversity requirements. Students also include NAIS courses in programs leading to degrees in medicine, law, education, public administration, social work and criminal justice. Students enroll in the program to learn more about social justice, culural awareness, and/ or their own identity or Native American ancestry.

For students seeking advising or information about Native American & Indigenous Studies at IUPUI, please email us at: or stop by our American Indian Programs office in Cavanaugh Hall CA325!