Spring 2017 is bringing about more changes as our IUPUI American Indian Programs continues to develop programs and create events that celebrate Native American contributions to our campus, city and state in an effort to create awareness through our civic partnerships.


American Indian Programs, NAIS, NAFSC, and NASA SUPPORT NoDAPL!! Don't make the mistake in assuming this is a NATIVE issue or something that only applies to those that live in the Dakotas! The Dakota pipeline will run all the way to the Ohio River at the southern edge of Indiana. The Ohio River provides drinking water for at least three million people. DO YOUR RESEARCH! Help us protect our VITAL drinking water! While there have been hundreds of harmful oil spills since 2000, you might not be aware that there have been seven oil disasters in 2017!

The IUPUI Native American Student Alliance (NASA) is holding regular meetings at the IUPUI Multicultural Center! Be a part of the social justice conversation ~ EVERYONE is welcome! For more information please contact Wesley Stevens at: for more information!

What A Crock Wednesdays! [Weekly] Students, Staff and Faculty all come together to provide free lunch and great conversations! A menu is available on the door of our AIP office CA325...Stop by for good food and great conversation!!

Who Gives A Craft!! [Monthly] In an effort to continue to build community through crafts, AIP is holding regular crafting sessions on Tuesdays through the Spring 2017 semester at 3pm in CA438! This is an opportunity to learn basic craft skills while critically discussing whatever topic organically manifests! Crafts include: crochet, cross-stitch, jewelry making, and more! For more info, please contact our community coordinator, Shana Sams at: shsams@iupui.ledu!

January 2016:

16 Jan - 2 pm - "A King Among Natives": Tribute to MLK and his Pivotal Work on Engaging in Native American Issues. For more info, contact Charli Champion-Shaw at:

February 2016:

20 Feb - 4 pm - "Precedents with Presidents": A Historical Reflection on Presidential Policies surrounding American Indian Issues. For more info, contact Charli Champion-Shaw at:

March 2016:

IUPUI WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTH! As a part of Women's History Month, our NASA has organized a Native American Women's Art Competition with great prizes. For more info, please contact Wesley Stevens at:!

20 Mar - Spring Equinox Celebration! Stop by the IUPUI American Indian Programs as we celebrate the coming of longer, warmer days!!

April 2016:

11 April - Full Moon Celebration! Different Native nations and tribes call this time (month) a different name that ties into their traditions. AIP will celebrate the final full moon the Spring 2017 semester! Visit our AIP offices!!

May 2016:

17-19 May - dNAIS Conference: Thanks to the insight and industry of Dr. Jennifer Guiliano (N207: Native American History) and her award-winning grant IUPUI American Indian Programs will host this third of three Digital Native American Studies Conferences. These three three-day workshops have been organized to educate participants on issues of digital humanities research and methodology in the context of Native American Studies. Native American Studies, an interdisciplinary field of study exploring the history, culture, politics, issues, and contemporary experience of indigenous peoples of America, intersects with a number of issues related to access, preservation, and methodology that are problematized through the development and deployment of digital tools and methods and the conduct of digital research. These workshops seek to pay attention to the ways in which digital objects, practices, and methods function within Native communities and through Native American Studies scholarship.