American Indian Programs


AIP is an overarching program that supports IUPUI Native American Faculty Staff Council, Native American Student Alliance (NASA) at IUPUI, Native American Connections (NAC)-our Community Outreach program, and Native American & Indigenous Studies (NAIS) now in its third year!

Native American & Indigenous Studies (NAIS) is the academic studies program within IUPUI’s American Indian Program at the IU School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI. The program is interdisciplinary, combining the efforts of faculty throughout the university. Native American & Indigenous Studies offers students an opportunity to learn about Native American cultures through literature, philosophy, anthropology and religious studies where values, lifeways, spirituality and social/political institutions of Indigenous Nations and societies are discussed. Our course content and research is constructed around a deep respect and understanding of Indigenous Knowledge and traditions. The program was created and built on a tradition of activism on contemporary issues within Indigenous Nations throughout North America as well as principles of inclusion, respect and the critical importance of diversity in today’s world.

The Native American & Indigenous Studies Program introduces students to differences in the perspectives of Native American cultures on a wide variety of topics. Students gain an awareness of the diversity and multiple layers of humanistic knowledge within the framework of the North American human experience. Native American Studies undergraduate students have the option to support the student organization called the Native American Student Alliance (NASA) which provides and supports education awareness and program development on campus. Graduate students, staff and faculty work together to enhance educational, professional and cultural opportunities for members of the Indiana University Purdue University Native American community through the Native American Faculty Staff Council (NAFSC).