This fall Africana Studies student, Raven Moody, was awarded an internship on Channel 13 News. Raven is a senior with a major in journalism and a minor in Africana Studies. “Within journalism I choose to do TV broadcasting, it’s something I’m really good and really passionate about,” Moody says. She also published a memoir-“Growing Beyond my Yesterday,” coming soon to bookshelves-to share her journey and different lessons learned throughout her life in hopes of inspiring young people. Raven says, “My biggest thing is helping others learn from my journey, my experiences, and I want to see everyone succeed in life no matter what their environmental factors were growing up.”

David Ikenze Holman’s graduated this May with a major French.  He aspires is to lead an international humanitarian organization by 2018, while simultaneously attending graduate school studying Theology. “I was fortunate to study under the tutelage of Dr. Obioma Nnaemeka, Chancellor's Professor of French, Women's Studies and Africana Studies at IUPUI.  Africana Studies has made a huge impact on me and my life.  I didn't know my history, I didn't know who I was.  I now am aware of the ongoing issues affecting the lives of people of color whether inflicted intentionally or passively.   Africana Studies has opened my eyes to institutional racism, systematic oppression, and systematic disenfranchisement of not just people of color but even those with the inability to speak for themselves.” 

Vannary KongThis spring, Vannary Kong, graduating senior, whose major is political science and International Studies will be participating in two international model United Nations Conference, one as an American ambassador and second as a director of the United Nations office of drugs and international crimes.  "I will also be attending graduate school overseas at University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia.  The Africana Studies program has made a huge impact on my life because we are often left out of history.  I love being able to witness the world through a variety of different lenses.  I learned that even when you’re by yourself, your never alone… you just have to keep going because eventually your path will lay out in front of you." 

Jamal Abdulrasheed is majoring in Political Science with a minor in Legal Studies. This fall, he will be attending Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law.“Africana Studies has been my home and growing up my family always encouraged me to learn about the struggle of African Americans and our efforts to move forward in society.  Africana Studies provided me with a better understanding of history and encouraged me to want to exceed in everything I do. This has journey taught me that life doesn’t give you handouts. Good grades, internships, and jobs don’t just fall in your lap. Dreams don’t just happen. I learned that I had to work hard every day to make these things a reality. There is a wealth of resources and faculty supports waiting to help you, best thing you can do is reach out and connect with people but remember to have fun along the way.”