Gail M. & William M. Plater International Scholarship for Community Engagement

This scholarship is to support undergraduate or post-baccalaureate scholarships students to learn through their engagement with the community regardless of the physical location of the activity. Recipients will devote a reasonable amount of time to a project, as determined by and under the supervision of a faculty member, consistent with the student’s learning objectives and the goals of a specific project that demonstrates learning through community engagement. This scholarship was founded to honor the contributions of Gail and William Plater to the IUPUI campus.


Eligibility requirements include:

  • Students must be enrolled in any IUPUI degree program.
  • International students studying at IUPUI, IUPUI students studying abroad, and IUPUI students studying locally or nationally (as long as community engagement is an intentional aspect of their studies) are eligible.

Recipients may use the scholarship to assist with any study abroad experience that can be demonstrated to fulfill a commitment to community engagement in partnership with the nominating faculty.

Application must include:

  • Online application
  • One page description of the project on which the student and faculty will collaborate
  • Nominating faculty must submit a letter of recommendation


Visit our scholarship application website to apply for this scholarship and others. You must meet the eligibility requirements.

Visit our scholarship application website