William Schneider Student Essay Award in Medical Humanities

The Medical Humanities Student Essay Award recognizes the work of students in understanding health and medicine from the broader perspective of the humanities. The Medical Humanities Student Essay Award is sponsored by the Medical Humanities & Health Studies Program at IUPUI.


Student papers will be judged by the Medical Humanities Planning Committee.


Papers must have been for a course taken at IUPUI by currently enrolled undergraduate or graduate students, and written within the past academic year on a subject that utilizes the perspectives of the humanities or health studies (i.e., ethical, legal, social, historical, etc.) to gain a broader understanding of medicine and healthcare. Graduate theses and dissertations are not eligible for this award.


  • Only one submission per student;
  • The typical paper should be 10 to 25 pages in length and double-spaced;
  • A separate cover page should include the following: full paper title, student author, student’s email and phone number, IUPUI class that the paper was written for (course title, number and instructor), date written, student status at time of writing;
  • All remaining pages should have the paper title (or abbreviation of the title), but no other identifying information regarding the student author;
  • All pages must be numbered with the exception of the cover page;
  • preferably submitted electronically (via email) as an attached Microsoft WORD or pdf document, or on a clean, typed hard copy;
  • send electronic copies attached to an email to email to jizukac@iupui.edu, and hard copies should be delivered to Cavanaugh 141 or submitted online through the university scholarship system by the deadline