Greek Goddess Scholarship in Anthropology

This fund is to support a scholarship for one undergraduate or graduate student majoring in Anthropology in the School of Liberal Arts who demonstrates academic excellence and an interest in expanding their worldview/experience through their liberal arts studies. Preference will be given to a student with financial need.


Minimum requirements:

  • 30 credit completed, including ANTH-A 103 and ANTH-A 104
  • Minimum overall GPA = 3.0
  • Minimum GPA in Anthropology =3.5

750 word essay responding to the following questions:

  • Why did you decide to major in Anthropology and what do you hope to achieve through your studies within this field? How do you think Anthropology as a discipline can contribute to enhancing our understanding of human diversity and why is this important in today’s world?

250 word essay responding to the following question:

  • This scholarship is targeted at students with financial need. Please explain how receipt of this scholarship will assist you in completing your Anthropology degree in a timely fashion.