Petronio-Bantz Graduate Student Travel Award

The Petronio-Bantz Graduate Student Travel Award was created by Professor Sandra Petronio and former Chancellor Charles R. Bantz who believe that the ability to present research, participate in scholarly meetings and conferences, and have the opportunity to network is essential in the professional development of graduate students, particularly those who wish to enter academia.


The award supports graduate students in the Department of Communication Studies at the IU School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI who will be presenting at scholarly conferences and academic meetings.

Recipients will be doctoral students in the Health Communication Ph.D. Program who have been competitively selected to present a paper at a national or international conference. If there are no suitable candidates at the doctoral level, master’s students may be considered. Both doctoral and master’s students are invited to apply. Allowable expenses include but are not limited to conference travel, accommodations, and conference registration fees. Amount available for 2016-2017: $250 - $500. Please submit application materials via email to Marianne Matthias ( by September 30, 2016 .