Eric Sharp Gateway Poetry Award

This award will be given to the student with the best poem written in an introductory-level creative writing course. This award is given in memory of Eric Sharp, a former IUPUI student.


The number, amount, and recipient of the award will be determined in a blind reading competition by an external judge chosen by English Department faculty in the IU School of Liberal Arts on IUPUI's campus. The judge selected may not have taught at IUPUI in the year prior to judging the contest. Judging criteria will be maintained within the English Department.


This award is for the best poem written in W206: Introduction to Creative Writing or W208: Introduction to Poetry Writing from the past year (last spring, summer, or fall semester).

For the Gateway Poetry Award students may submit up to two poems.

Students may revise and edit their work before submitting it.

Do not put your name on any submitted manuscript.


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