Essay Award in English

This award is presented to an IUPUI undergraduate student for an outstanding critical, analytical, or expository essay originating in an English department writing and literacy class. Essays submitted for this award should involve inquiry and can be on any topic. Courses qualifying for this award include the following: Eng. W210, W230, W231, W262, W270, W310, W313, W315, W318, W320, W331, W366, W377, W390, W400, W411, W412, W426, and W496. Writing from W131 and W140 should be submitted to the Hal Tobin Award. Students may submit up to two separate pieces. Note: If your work focuses on topics in Writing and Literacy, please submit it to the Writing and Literacy Award instead of this award. Work entered in this contest may not also be entered in the Creative Nonfiction Writing Award contest. This contest does not focus on “creative nonfiction” in the same sense. Do not put your name on any submitted manuscript.


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