Academic interests

  • Charles S. Peirce; 
  • History of American Philosophy;
  • Pragmatism


Recent Selected Professional Endeavors “Charles Peirce, Signs, and Meaning,” paper presentation, October 2014, Semiotic Society of America, annual meeting, Seattle, WA. (refereed) “Peirce, Inquiry, and the Fourth Grade of Clearness,” paper presentation, July 2014, Peirce Centennial Congress. Lowell, MA. (refereed) Also chaired a session on the editing of Peirce’s papers, and organized, chaired and presented in a panel honoring the scholarship of Max Fisch. “Peirce – ‘…my mind must be different’,” article, Cognitio, July-December 2013, issue. (refereed) Commentator on two papers at the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy, annual meeting, March 2014, Denver, CO. One paper on Peirce’s biography and one paper on Peircean biosemiotics. “The Primacy of Procreative Action in Peirce’s Semiosis,” paper presentation, October 2013, Semiotic Society of America, annual meeting, Dayton, OH. (refereed) In press in Semiotica, an anthology of semiotic essays. “Josiah Royce’s Influence on Charles Peirce,” paper presentation, the Grass Valley (CA) Josiah Royce Conference, August 2013. (refereed) An editor of The Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society requested that I submit the paper for possible inclusion in The Transactions; that paper is under review. Spring 2011, wrote an application for the Institute of American Thought at IUPUI to become a Signature Center (a high university honor); at the end of the initial phase and funding, Signature Center status was granted in June, 2014. From 2011 to 2014, actively sought for and received at the Institute of American Thought collections of papers from American thinkers. A leading example is the part of the Charles Morris papers that appeared to have been lost. From 2011 to 2014, with student assistant, created finding aids for the various collection in the archives of the Institute for American Thought. Wrote a set of bylaws organizing the work and structure of the Josiah Royce Critical Edition, March 2014. Those bylaws were approved by the board of the edition. Revised the constitution of the Josiah Royce Society to streamline the organization and change position duties, July 2014. That revision is under review.


  • Member, Historic Elsah Foundation, 1978- (Regularly serve in museum.)
  • Trustee (Secretary/Treasurer), QEM Fire Protection District, Elsah, IL., 1996-2009 
  • President, Nelson Foundation, an environmental foundation funding local endeavors, 2001-2008.
  • Board Member, Meeting of the Rivers Foundation, a civic group supporting the USACOE museum at Lock & Dam 26 on the Mississippi River, 2001-2008.