Academic Interests

Spanish language and pedagogy Latin American Literature Spanish for native/heritage students


Beginning Spanish, Accelerated Beginning Spanish, Intermediate Spanish, Spanish Conversation and Diction and Introduction to Hispanic Literature.


Trustees Teaching Award, Indiana University; 2011 Nomination of Signa Epsilon Award for Outstanding Teaching; Sigma Epsilon Chapter for Sigma Delta Pi; 2011 Nomination for Excellence in Teaching Award;University of Maryland at College Park; 1996 Department Award for Best Portuguese Student; Arizona State University;1994 Teresa de Escoriaza Scholarship; Montclair State University; 1991


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PROFESSIONAL SERVICE Spanish Contest High School and Middle School Judge; April 21, 2012 ¡Conéctate!, McGraw-Hill Publishers; Textbook Reviewer; June 2011 Interacciones 7th Ed., Cengage Pub.; Textbook Reviewer; May 2011 Indiana Foreign Language Teachers Association Annual Conference; Student Volunteers Recruiter; Fall 2011 West European Studies Center (WEST); Spanish Facilitator; June 23, 2011 Plazas: Lugar de Encuentros 4th Ed., Cengage Pub.; Textbook Reviewer; January 2011 DELE Test, Spanish Ministry of Education Proctor; Spring & Fall 2010 Indiana Foreign Language Teachers Association; Session Presider; November 7, 2008 Indiana Foreign Language Teachers Association; Session Presider November 7, 2008 IUPUI High School Spanish Immersion Day; Facilitator; April 2008 Retratos, Cengage Pub.; Textbook Reviewer; Fall 2008 Entrevistas, McGraw-Hill Pub.; Textbook Reviewer; Fall 2008