Ms. Fleming completed her college career at IUPUI in Indianapolis obtaining a degree in French and Spanish with a minor in International Studies and later, a Masters in Spanish. Her thesis for her Masters discusses the similarities in dialect and idiosyncrasies of Afro Cuban poetry and the African American culture, specifically using them to teach Spanish to Minority Students. She has also traveled and studied abroad in Strasbourg, France and Salamanca, Spain. Ms. Fleming speaks French, Spanish, English and Patoi, a Jamaican dialect. Alicia teaches Spanish, Latino Studies and International Studies on the college level both at IUPUI and Ivy Tech Community College, but has also taught French on the high school level.

Academic interests

Afro-Cuban Poetry and Literature, Afro-Cuban Spanish dialect, Latin American Culture, Afro-French Poetry and Literature


Current: First Year Spanish (SPAN S131, SPAN 132, LATS L101), Ivy Tech (S101, S102, S203, S204) Previous: Beginning Spanish II (SPAN S118), Martin U (S101, S102, S203, S204)


Barbara Thoerson White Scholarship, Indiana University Fall 2007 Certificado de Ponente a la Conferencia de Lengua, Universidad de Hidalgo September 2011 Certificate of Recognition as Exponent of Poetry/Language Workshop, UAEH October 2011 Certificate of Recognition as Exponent of the Expo Lengua y Cultura, UAEH November 2011 Certificate of Recognition de Estancia Académica, Universidad de Hidalgo December 2011 Alicia Fleming Writing Contest established by: Universidad de Hidalgo/LELI March 2012


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International Host Program at IUPUI for the past 3 years, Volunteer for Eitlejorg Museum