My undergraduate studies at Yale and the University of Massachusetts were in English, Philosophy, and Symbol Sciences/Linguistics, with ephemeral competence gained in German, French, Latin, Japanese, and Chinese. I received my MA and my PhD (1997) in Comparative Literature from the Graduate Program in Comparative Literature at Indiana University with minors in Semiotics and Victorian Studies, qualifying exams in Nineteenth Century, Epic and Romance, and Semiotics and Literary Theory (Memory); my dissertation was on “Symmetry and Memory, From Proust to Stevenson.”


  • W130 Principles of Composition
  • W131 Elementary Composition I
  • W132 Elementary Composition II
  • W231 Professional Writing Skills
  • W210 Literacy and Public Life
  • W206 Introduction to Creative Writing
  • W301 Writing Fiction
  • G204 Rhetorical Issues in Grammar and Usage
  • L115 Literature for Today
  • L205 Introduction to Poetry
  • L213 Literary Masterpieces I
  • L351 Critical and Historical Study of American Literature I
  • L352 Critical and Historical Study of American Literature II
  • L376 Literature for Adolescents
  • L495 Individual Readings in English

Research Activities

Nineteenth-century literature and culture, semiotics, rhetoric, linguistics, Japanese Literature, Chinese literature, interarts studies, literature and science, pedagogy, memory, Marcel Proust, Adrienne Rich, Walter Benjamin, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, and Philip K. Dick.