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WLAC Undergraduate

Course Descriptions

Undergraduate Certificate in Translation Studies

Courses in Translation Studies

The certificate program is intended for advanced undergraduates or students holding a minimum of a bachelor’s degree or completing one, who would like to enhance their language expertise. As an undergraduate certificate program, the course work prepares students for further study in translation at the graduate level as well as developing basic competence for further work as professional translators. Successful completion of the program does not indicate that a student is a “certified” translator. It is highly recommended that students who wish to be certified translators complete advanced-level course work in translation and seek certification through the American Translators Association.

Core Courses (9 cr.)

A. Advanced Professional Writing (3 cr.)

  • ENG W321 Advanced Technical Writing
  • ENG W331 Business and Administrative Writing
  • ENG W355 Business Correspondence
  • ENG W350 Advanced Expository Writing
  • ENG W365 Theories and Practices of Editing
  • or other course approved by the Director

B. Advanced Language and Culture (one language and one culture course required) (6 cr.)

  • French: FREN F402 Introduction to Linguistics or F421 Fourth-Year French
  • German: GER G445 Advanced Grammar
  • Spanish: Any 400 level Linguistics course except S428
  • French: FREN F461 La France Contemporaine
  • German: GER G365 Deutsche Kultur Heute
  • Spanish: S411 Culture and Civilizaation of Spain or S412 Culture and Civilization of Latin America

Courses in Translation (15 cr.)

A. History and Theory of Translation and Interpreting (3 cr.)

  • WLAC: WLAC F350 Introduction to Translation Studies and Interpreting

B. Translation Practice (6 cr.)

  • WLAC: WLAC F330 Introduction to Translating French and English
  • French: FREN F423 The Craft of Translation
  • German: GER G333 German Translation Practice
  • German: GER G423 The Craft of Translation
  • Spanish: SPAN S323 Introduction to Translating Spanish and English
  • Spanish: SPAN S423 The Craft of Translation

C. Computers in Translation (3 cr.)

  • WLAC: WLAC F450 Computers in Translation

D. Terminology Studies (3 cr.)

  • French: FREN F326 French in the Business World
  • German: GER G331 Business German I or G431 Advanced Business German
  • Spanish: one of the following options:
    • SPAN S315 Spanish in the Business World
    • SPAN S319 Spanish for Health Care Personnel
    • SPAN S419 Spanish for Law Enforcement
    • SPAN S429 Medical Interpreting
    • SPAN S430 Legal Spanish

Internship or Directed Study (3 cr.)

A. Internship

  • French: FREN F493 Internship Program in French
  • German: GER G493 Internship Program in German
  • Spanish: SPAN S493 Internship Program in Spanish

B. Directed Study

  • French: FREN F495 Individual Readings in French
  • German: GER G498 Individual Studies in German
  • Spanish: SPAN S494 Individual Readings in Hispanic Studies