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Certificate Requirements

Undergraduate Certificate in Translation Studies

The Department of World Languages and Cultures offers an undergraduate Certificate in Translation Studies with an emphasis in French, German, or Spanish. The certificate requires completion of 27 credit hours focusing on grammar, professional writing skills, culture, translation history and theory, nonliterary translation from English to French/German/Spanish and French/German/Spanish to English, terminology management, and knowledge of computer applications to translation. A minimum of 15 credit hours toward the certificate must be completed at IUPUI and no courses may be taken with the Pass/Fail option.

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Admission Requirements

Certificate candidates must possess fluency in their language pair. To be admitted to the certificate program, students must have sophomore standing and meet the following three criteria:

1. Academic Readiness: Students must have a minimum of a 3.00 overall GPA, and a 3.3 in their major.

2. Writing Proficiency: Students must have completed W131 and W270 or their equivalents with a grade of B or better prior to admission as well as a 300-level composition class in French, German or Spanish with a grade of B or higher.

3. Translation Readiness: Prior to admission into the Certificate program, students are required to demonstrate a minimum level of bilingual skills required to be successful in the course work required for the Certificate. Students will be admitted to the Certificate program after receiving a B or higher in their first translation course.

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Completion Requirements

Students must complete certificate-related courses with an overall GPA of 3.0 or better before qualifying for the internship or directed study. A grade of C in more than one course will make candidates ineligible for completion of the Certificate.

Translation Competence: Upon completion of the coursework for the Certificate, students must demonstrate translation competence through one of two options: (1) Completion of an Internship in the target language. The student’s academic language advisor will be responsible for recommending placement and mentoring in the Internship program; or (2) Completion of an Independent translation project in the target language, which includes a minimum of 20 pages of translated text. The student’s academic language advisor will be responsible for mentoring the student through this translation project. Mentors use a set of rubrics for scoring the final translation or internship project. These rubrics may be found on the departmental homepage.