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WLAC Undergraduate

Major and Minor Requirements

The Major in German

In addition to the area distribution requirements for the School of Liberal Arts, the major in German requires the following:

The German Major requires a minimum of 29 credit hours above the 100 level, including at least one capstone language course (i.e. G401, G423, G431, G445, G465), one contemporary culture course (G365), at least one 400-level historical culture and literature course (i.e. G407, G408, G409, G410), and a student portfolio (G498). Other courses may be selected on the basis of level of placement by test or course work, and/or focus of interest. They include all 200-, 300-, and 400-level courses, except courses taugh in English.

The Minor in German

The minor in German is for students whose interest is in the German language as a tool of communication. Its emphasis is on competence in the skills of reading, writing, and understanding spoken German, as well as on conversational proficiency in German.

The minor can be beneficial to students in the natural and social sciences, business, engineering and technology, other languages, and interdisciplinary subjects. Requirements for the minor consist of 15 credit hours to include G203 and G204, plus a minimum of 9 credit hours from courses at the 300-level.  For more information, please download and complete the Application for a Minor in German.

Dual Degree in German and Engineering

Students majoring in biomedical, mechanical, electrical, motorsports or computer engineering can also earn an applied German major. The dual degree program takes five years to complete and includes a one-semester internship in Germany during the fourth year of study. Students may formally enter into the program after successful completion of the freshman engineering program. For further information contact the German Program Director or the freshman Engineering Director.

International Engineering at IUPUI

Teacher Certification in German

Teaching Major Requirements

The Teaching Major requires the completion of at least 36 hours, of which 30 credit hours must be in courses at the 300- and 400-levels. For a detailed description of all the requirements, see the German Program Director and refer to the IU School of Education section of the Campus Bulletin.

Transition to Teaching Program: T2T

The Transition-to-Teaching Program is a popular option for students who already hold a Bachelor degree in German. Students may be admitted after successfully completing the Praxis I Exam and fulfilling other requirements. Refer to the School of Education Graduate Program Bulletin for further information or contact the T2T Program Advisor, Sharice Breland .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Honors Program

In order to provide recognition to outstanding students in German, the department offers and Honors Program as well as H-Option courses.