Combined with other professional skills, your knowledge of a second language gives you an edge in a challenging job market, and yes, it makes you smarter!

The Department of World Languages and Cultures is committed to the development of students’ linguistic and intercultural competence through a curriculum that fosters the multiple connections between language, culture and their applications to other disciplines. While promoting an international perspective, coursework and other activities enable students to become linguistically and culturally competent language users who can employ their knowledge and skills for academic and professional purposes as well as for personal enrichment. Advanced knowledge of a world language may be applied to a variety of careers in Communications, Business, Health, Government and Social services, Education, Science, Informatics, and Travel, among others.
Studying another language also:
  • improves your knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary;
  • increases your cognitive and verbal skills;
  • prepares you to interact successfully with people of different cultures in an increasingly globalized environment.

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Screening and Application Process for ASL/English Interpreting

The Screening/Application Process for Fall 2017 admittance into the ASL/English Interpreting Program has begun.  Deadline for submission of application materials is February 24, 2017.  Check out the ASL/EI website for more details on the application materials.  For more information, contact the Director, Janet Acevedo, at 274-4025 or

Our Department offers the following areas of study:

  • Undergraduate Majors in American Sign Language/English Interpreting, French, German and Spanish
  • Individualized Majors in Arabic Studies, Chinese Studies, Classical Studies, Japanese Studies,
  • Undergraduate Minors in American Sign Language Studies, Arabic and Islamic Studies, Chinese Studies, Classical Studies, French, German, Japanese Studies, Spanish
  • Undergraduate Certificates in American Sign Language/English Interpreting, Chinese Studies
  • Graduate Certificate in Translation Studies
  • Master of Arts in the Teaching of Spanish