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The IUPUI University Writing Center employs faculty members and specially trained students as consultants. Faculty consultants have at least one year’s experience teaching in the IUPUI Writing Program or in the EAP Program. Individuals interested in Faculty positions should contact Beth Lafferty (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)) with questions about teaching composition at IUPUI.

Each fall, IUPUI undergraduate students accepted into the Writing Fellows program enroll in ENG-W496, the Consultant Training Seminar. Over the course of the semester, fledgling consultants interact with UWC staff, learn the day-to-day operations of the UWC, and begin working with students. Each student who successfully earns a grade of "A" in ENG-W496, and who completes his or her in-house training, may then become a paid UWC employee at the beginning of the following spring semester.

This year, the UWC is actively recruiting graduate students as well. Graduate students in the IUPUI English Department may be eligible for a brief internship and tutoring position in the UWC. For more information about the Graduate Consulting Program, see the Information Sheet and Application below.

Why Do It?
(99.7 KB .pdf file)

Current and former fellows tell about their experiences participating in the seminar, and working as writing consultants at the IUPUI UWC.

"Undergraduate Consultant Information Sheet"
(83 KB .pdf file)

This document explains the eligibility requirements for working in the IUPUI University Writing Center and the benefits of becoming a student consultant, as well as the expectations and opportunites.

"UWC Emploment Application"
(59 KB .doc file)

This document explains the requirements for working in the IUPUI University Writing Center. Complete and submit this application when you’re ready to begin the process of becoming an IUPUI UWC consultant!