Department of Sociology

Medical Minor

The Department of Sociology offers a minor in medical sociology, which emphasizes the understanding of the social context of health, health care, and the delivery of medical services. Medical sociologists study a wide range of topics, including (but not limited to): doctor-patient relationships, the social organization of heath care, epidemiology (the study of how illness, disability, and death are distributed within a population), professional education, and acute and chronic illnesses. Reflecting and recognizing the wide range of interests pursued by medical sociologists, the Department offers courses in social factors in health and illness, the social organization of health care, AIDS, disability, gender and health, death and dying, and sexuality. To complete the minor, students must complete two required courses, and three electives from the approved list, for a total of 15 credits.

Requirements for Medical Minor: 15 credit hours of sociology course work (6 of which must be completed at IUPUI), with a grade of C (2.0) or better.

R100 - Introduction to Sociology (3 Cr.)

AND ONE of the Following:

R381 - Social Factors in Health and Illness (3 Cr.)
R382 - Social Organizations of Health Care (3 Cr.)

9 additional credit hours**

**Additional courses for the medical minor must be selected from the following (or a course approved by Medical Minor Advisor):

  • R320 Sexuality and Society
  • R321 Women and Health
  • R327 Sociology of Death & Dying
  • R385 AIDS and Society
  • R381 Social Factors in Health and Illness
  • R382 Social Organizations of Health Care
  • R410 Alcohol, Drugs, and Society
  • R415 Sociology of Disability
  • R485 Sociology of Mental Illness

Faculty Advisor for Medical Minors:
Kenzie Latham, CA 303-E, 317-278-5204, e-mail:

How do I declare my Minor in Medical Sociology?

The procedure is quite simple.  Complete the application form (print off the form here) or stop by the Sociology Department office (Cavanaugh 303) and request an application form for a medical minor in sociology.  Then fill it out and return it to the sociology office. We will check to make sure that all is in order and then notify the SLA office to add the medical minor to your transcript. You will receive an e-mail when this has been done. The one thing to remember is to be sure that you do this BEFORE you graduate.