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Audrey Harshbarger Study Abroad Scholarship

Created to honor the memory of Audrey Harshbarger, Jean Oswalt’s grandmother, whose belief and faith in young people and commitment to their learning through experience has inspired many to further Indiana University's mission and to encourage others to give to Indiana University. This award seeks to support students who study abroad because that experience develops a person’s understanding of our place in a global society, and the donors believe that this experience is integral to a person’s education.

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Gail M. & William M. Plater International Scholarship for Community Engagement

This scholarship is to support undergraduate or post-baccalaureate scholarships students to learn through their engagement with the community regardless of the physical location of the activity. Recipients will devote a reasonable amount of time to a project, as determined by and under the supervision of a faculty member, consistent with the student’s learning objectives and the goals of a specific project that demonstrates learning through community engagement. This scholarship was founded to honor the contributions of Gail and William Plater to the IUPUI campus.

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Alice Chandler Gockley and Gordon E. Gockley Memorial Scholarship

Founded in memory of Alice Chandler Gockley and Gordon Gockley, the Chandler/Gockley supports undergraduate student scholarships for international study outside the United States of America.

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Margaret A. Cook Foreign Study Scholarship

To promote and encourage the study of a modern foreign language in the IU School of Liberal Arts, scholarships are awarded to student(s) majoring in Liberal Arts at IUPUI and studying abroad. The award honors Professor Margaret A. Cook who helped establish the world languages program at IUPUI.

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P.M.G. and M.S.W. Harris Study Abroad Scholarship

Created by P.M.G. and M.S.W. Harris, this scholarship recognizes the importance of study abroad for Liberal Arts students, the value of these learning opportunities in an increasingly global society, and the life-changing experience that international study provides. Eligible candidates will be students majoring in a School of Liberal Arts discipline and enrolled in an accredited study abroad program for a semester or year-long academic program. In selecting recipients, preference will be given to students majoring in history or graduate students in history.

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School of Liberal Arts Dean’s Scholarship

This scholarship is to recognize a Liberal Arts Student who is enrolled in an accredited study abroad program.

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Sutton Scholars International Experience Fund

This scholarship is to be used to provide support for international educational experiences for students engaging in social, cultural, and/or historical academic endeavors. The recipient(s) will be undergraduate or graduate students majoring in Liberal Arts who are currently enrolled.

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Max Kade German-American Center Study Abroad Travel Grants for German

Supports the study of German via overseas study.

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The Beaudry Summer Scholarship Fund for French and Francophone Studies

This scholarship promotes and encourages the cultural and linguistic development of IUPUI students majoring or minoring in French by funding student participation in a academically approved foreign study programs in a French-speaking country during the summer session.

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Nancy Newton Study Abroad Scholarship

Provides support to undergraduate IUPUI Spanish majors and graduate students in the IUPUI Spanish M.A.T. for Spanish language study abroad programs. The award honors Professor Nancy Newton who helped establish the Spanish M.A.T. program at IUPUI.

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