Religious Studies Major

Religious Studies Major Form 

Beyond the general distribution and credit hours required by the School of Liberal Arts for the Bachelor of Arts degree, students who choose to major in Religious Studies will be asked to complete 30 credit hours of course work designated by the faculty as follows:

15 credit hours of Religious Traditions:

The Americas

  • R173 American Religion

  • R312 American Religious Lives

  • R328 Religions of the African Diaspora

  • R339 Varieties of American Religion

  • R363 African-American Religions

  • R367  American Indian Religions

  • R383 Religions, Ethics, U.S. Society

  • R397 Mormonism and American Culture



  • R111 The Bible

  • R243 Intro. to the New Testament

  • R300 Archeology of the Bible

  • R310 Prophecy in Ancient Israel

  • R315 Hebrew Bible


  • R300 Asian Religions in America

  • R300 Religions of India 

  • R323 Yuppie Yogis and Global Gurus

  • R361 Hinduism and Buddhism


  • R257 Introduction to Islam

  • R304 Islamic Beginnings

  • R305 Islam and Modernity

  • R370 Islam in America


  • R120 Images of Jesus

  • R180 Introduction to Christianity

  • R325 Paul & His Influence

  • R329 Early Christianity

  • R344 Reformations of the 16th Century


  • R353 Judaism

12 credit hours of Comparative and Thematic Studies:

  • R100 Studies in Religion

  • R101 Religion and Culture

  • R133 Introduction to Religion

  • R200 Studies in Religion

  • R212 Comparative Religionsns

  • R223 Religion and Imagination

  • R300 Cults and Sects in America

  • R300 Indians, Missions and Colonialism

  • R300 Love and Justice

  • R300 Nature, Religion and Am. Culture

  • R300 Religion Behind Bars

  • R300 Religion and Revolution 

  • R301 Women and Religion

  • R309 Contemporary Middle East

  • R313 Religion and American Ideas

  • R314 Religion and Racism

  • R343 Religion and Contemporary Thought

  • R348 Religion and Its Monsters 

  • R368 Relgion and Healing

  • R379 Religion and Philanthropy

  • R381 Religion and Violence

  • R384 Religion, Ethics and Health

  • R386 Ethics of Consumption

  • R393 Comparative Religious Ethics

  • R394 Militant Religion

  • R396 Religion and Fantasy

  • R398 Women in Am. Indian Religions

  • R400 Studies in Religion

3 credit hours in the departmental Senior Capstone:

  •  R433 Theories of Religion
    Senior Capstone is only offered Fall Semesters. Authorization is required. Contact David Craig, Advisor:

Other Requirements of the Major:

  • Including the Capstone, at least 18 credit hours must be taken at the 300 level or above.

  • Following School of Liberal Arts guidelines, any course in which a student receives a grade below C (2.0) may not be used to fulfill the major (a C-minus does not qualify).

  • Double majors will need to fulfill all the requirements above as well as those in the second subject area in consultation with both academic advisors. Also, double majors will need to alert the recorder of the School of Liberal Arts of their plans to complete two majors.