Legal Studies

The Department of Political Science oversees a Minor in Legal Studies, a multi-disciplinary program designed for undergraduate students interested in the study of law and legal institutions, and in the relationship of law to other aspects of society and culture. Here are some of the more common questions about the minor:

Who can enroll in the minor?

Any student in any school at IUPUI can complete and receive the Minor in Legal Studies. Even though Legal Studies is a Liberal Arts minor, you do not have to be a Liberal Arts major to receive it.

How do I declare a minor?

Contact legal studies advisor Erin Engels to sign up. All you will need to provide is your name, major, and student ID number.

What are the requirements?

You must complete five courses (15 cr.) as listed below, receiving a grade of C or better in each. Also, your five courses must come from at least two departments or programs. Also, be aware that School of Liberal Arts rules prohibit you from counting more than one course toward both a minor and a major.

Required course (3cr.):

  • POLS Y211 - Introduction to Law

Elective Courses (12 cr.). Choose four of the following:

  • AMST A303 - Law and American Culture*
  • HIST A325 - American Constitutional History I
  • HIST A326 - American Constitutional History II
  • HIST A327 - American Legal History*
  • JOUR J300 - Communications Law
  • HPER 411 - Legal Issues in Sports Settings
  • PHIL P383 - Philosophy of Law
  • POLS Y304 - Constitutional Law (formerly American Constitutional Law I)
  • POLS Y305 - Constitutional Rights and Liberties (formerly American Constitutional Law II)
  • POLS Y320 - Judicial Politics
  • PSY B375 - Psychology and the Law
  • SPEA V376 - Law and Public Policy
  • SPEA V408 - Community and the Constitution
  • WOST W300 / POLS Y380 - Women and the Law* or Gender and the Law

These course numbers are also used for other course titles, which do not count toward the minor. Only the course number and title combinations shown here are approved to count toward the minor. Some of these courses are offered only occasionally.

What else do I need to do?

As you complete courses that count toward the minor, you should let the department know so that your record can be kept up to date. Once you have completed the minor, it will be added to your official transcript.

What other opportunities are there at IUPUI for undergraduates interested in law?

  • For Pre-law advising, contact Professor Engels at
  • If you are interested in IUPUI’s Pre Law Society, for students interested in law school or careers in law, e-mail Professor Stump at
  • If you would like to join IUPUI’s Mock Trial Team, email Professor Engels at
  • Consider our Certificate in Paralegal Studies.
  • Consider our major Law in Liberal Arts.
  • To be added to our pre-law listserv or our pre-law Canvas site, contact Professor Engels at
  • Please consult our pre-law website for more information about law school.