Department of Philosophy

Graduate Program

Master of Arts in Philosophy

Graduate Director: Chad Carmichael, Ph.D.

The Philosophy graduate program covers both core and specialized areas in the field. Students may pursue a general master’s-level education in philosophy, or concentrate in either Bioethics or International Research Ethics. The curriculum for the general program, as well as both concentrations, reflects the unique faculty and resource profile at IUPUI.  

The two concentrations have been developed with the Indiana University Center for Bioethics. Bioethics is a rapidly growing field that requires educated and trained theorists and practitioners. Since IUPUI is home to one of the nation’s largest health-profession complexes, it is well-placed to play a leading role in the academic training of such individuals.

Students who pursue a general philosophical education may, if they wish, take a number of elective courses focused on classical American philosophy and pragmatism. The department provides the most comprehensive program anywhere in the world for studying the work of Charles S. Peirce. IUPUI has become an important center for research in American thought, with the Institute for American Thought housing the Peirce Edition Project, Santayana Edition, Josiah Royce Papers, Ray Bradbury Center, and Frederick Douglass Papers.

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Graduate Certificates

The Department of Philosophy offers graduate certificates in American Philosophy and Bioethics. Each certificate shares program, faculty, and curricular resources with the department’s M.A. program.

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Ph.D. Minor in Philosophy

Although IUPUI does not offer a doctoral major in philosophy, it offers a doctoral minor in philosophy to students pursuing doctoral degrees in other fields. The requirements for a doctoral minor in philosophy include: 12 credit hours of graduate courses in philosophy, with a grade point average of at least 3.0 (B), including 6 credit hours in courses selected from the Philosophy Core. The Philosophy Core consists of these six 3 cr. courses:

  • P525 Topics in the History of Philosophy
  • P540 Contemporary Ethical Theories
  • P543 Contemporary Social and Political Philosophy
  • P553 Philosophy of Science
  • P560 Metaphysics
  • P562 Theory of Knowledge