Liberal Arts in the News – Summer 2013

Experts from Liberal Arts departments and centers are regularly cited in the local, national, and international media. A selection from online sources provides a sampling of the types of issues and kinds of research Liberal Arts faculty are called upon to talk about in the public sphere. Also included is general Liberal Arts news covered by the media.

Morris students ‘dig’ summer break
University of Minnesota Morris, August 12, 2013
Ten student researchers were chosen from 80 applicants to participate in archaeological fieldwork at the Angel Mounds State Historic Site in Indiana this summer. The excavation, a National Science Foundation (NSF)-sponsored Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU), was offered by the department of anthropology at IUPUI and the Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology at Indiana University-Bloomington. [Article]

Rising Star: Molly Martin of Lumina Foundation
Indianapolis Star, August 3, 2013
Molly Martin, a member of the Liberal Arts Dean’s Advisory Council, is featured as one of Indianapolis’ rising stars. [Article]

After divorce or job loss comes the good identity crisis
The Wall Street Journal, July 30, 2013
The old adage is "time heals all wounds." But how much time? Sandra Petronio, professor of communication studies, helps answer this question. [Article]

Family, professor establish writing award in IUPUI grad’s memory
The Herald Argos, July 18, 2013
Karen Kovacik, professor of English, and Tom and Carole Sharp of Mill Creek, Indiana, created the Eric Sharp Gateway Poetry and Fiction Writing Awards in memory of Eric Sharp, a School of Liberal Arts alumnus. [Article]

Our undue focus on long life
The Atlantic, July 11, 2013
The average American lives 1,100 days longer, leading one news outlet to state "although we are living longer, we are not living better." Richard Gunderman, professor of pediatrics, philanthropy, philosophy, liberal arts, medical education and radiology, examines America’s unhealthy decline. [Article]

Rising Star: Rob Hedges of Monarch Beverage
Indianapolis Star, June 29, 2013
Rob Hedges (BA 2001, Communication Studies) is the fleet and facilities manager at Monarch Beverage, an Indianapolis beer and wine distributor. He is featured here as an Indianapolis rising star. [Article]

Ancient African coins that could change history of Australia
CNN, June 27, 2013
Ian McIntosh, adjunct professor of anthropology, lead a team to study the area where 1,000 year old coins were discovered on a northern Australian beach in 1944. Some of the coins have been identified as coming from the Dutch East India Company and Africa. [Article]

Debunking EU myths - and destroying UKIP’s attraction
GQ-British, May 2, 2013
John McCormick, professor of political science and Jean Monnet Chair in EU Politics, asks if mainstream politicians are paying the price for allowing myths about the European Union to spread unfettered. [Article]

In security and safety
Anthropology News, April 2013
Wendy Vogt, assistant professor of anthropology, examines migrant plight through Mexico to the United States and the claims of increased safety through transnational security. [Article]

Stand for something that matters
The Huffington Post, February 7, 2013
Jim Plew (BA 2013, Finance/International Studies) writes about his journey and experience as a Venture for America fellow for the Huffington Post. [Article]


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