Museum Studies

Freetown Village Living History Museum and artist Allison Smith, The Donkey, The Jackass, and the Mule (2008), commissioned by the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

Alumni News and Notes

Museum Studies Master’s and Certificate Alumni
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Jamia Alexander Ball (M.A., May 2010) Master’s candidate in the School of Library and Information Science, IUPUI

Rosemary Arnold (M.A., May 2011)  Education Programs Manager, Conner Prairie Interactive History Park, Fishers, Indiana

Kara (Henderson) Baldwin (M.A., December 2008) Director of Visitor Experience, Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art, Indianapolis, Indiana

Merv Barenie (M.A., August 2008)

Christa Barleben (M.A., May 2010) NAGPRA Collections Cataloger, Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art, and Arts and Culture Program Specialist at Indiana State Museum, Indianapolis, Indiana

Katherine Barr (M.A., May 2008)

Elizabeth Basile (M.A., December 2010) Gallery Manager, The Collaborative, Long Beach, California

Stephen Bordon (M.A., May 2013) Contractor, Phase Two Collections Move Team, National Air & Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution, Paul E. Garber Facility, Suitland, Maryland

Amanda Brekhus (M.A., May 2009) Collections Coordinator, The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas

Christina Brocken (M.A., May 2012) Collections Manager, Taylor Center of Natural History, Hamilton County Parks and Recreation, Indiana

Diana Bryant (Graduate Certificate, May 2007)

Krystle Buschner (M.A., May 2011) Gallery Programming Supervisor, Indiana State Museum, Indianapolis, Indiana

Florence Caddell (M.A., August 2009) Art Director, Frankfort Community Public Library, Frankfort, Indiana

Adam Calloway
(M.A., December 2008)

Alex Carrier (M.A., May 2012)

Kathryn Chattin (M.A., May 2011) Assistant Curator for Campus Art for Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

Stefanie Clark (M.A., May 2010) Outcomes Specialist, Choices, Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana

Julianne Class (M.A., May 2012)

Kendra Clauser
(Graduate Certificate, May 2008) Project Archivist, Oral History, Indiana Historical Society, Indianapolis, Indiana 

Sarah A. Cole (M.A., May 2010) Vice President of Visitor Experience, Adler Planetarium, Chicago, Illinois

Allison Cosbey (M.A., May 2013) Evaluation Coordinator, Conner Prairie Interactive History Park, Fishers, Indiana

Seyma Coskun (M.A., May 2009)

Charity Counts (M.A. December 2008) Associate Vice President of Exhibits, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, Indiana

Deanna Cundiff (M.A., May 2012) Registrar, 21c Museum Hotels, Louisville, Kentucky

Denise Czachura (M.A., May 2008) Programmer, Pearl Technologies, Peoria, Illinois

Angela Day (M.A., May 2009) Associate Registrar for Exhibitions, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis, Indiana

Julia Dick (M.A. Candidate, August 2012) Inman Law School, IUPUI

Marisa Diedrich Richardson (M.A., May 2008) Curator of Collections and Exhibitions, Bossier City Parish Library’s Historical Center, Bossier City, Louisiana

Matthew Durett(M.A., May 2008) Coordinator, National History Day, Indiana Historical Society, Indianapolis, Indiana

Emily Duval (M.A., August 2011) Experience Facilitator, Conner Prairie Living History Park, Fishers, Indiana and Imaging Technician, Indiana Historical Society, Indianapolis, Indiana

Stephanie (Hebda) Eddleman (M.A., May 2013) Early Childhood Specialist, Playscape, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, Indianapolis, Indiana

Justin Ellis (M.A., May 2012) Sociology PhD Candidate, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa

Michael Fee
(Graduate Certificate, May 2004 and M.A. August 2007) Exhibit Specialist, Indiana State Museum, Indianapolis, Indiana

Charles Fox (M.A., May 2010)

Stefanie Gerber Darr (M.A., May 2008) Gallery and Collections Manager, Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, Gatlinburg, Tennesse

Kristen Getzin (Graduate Certificate, December 2009) Researcher, Weintraut and Associates, Inc., Zionsville, Indiana

Megan Geurts (M.A., May 2012) Exhibition Manager, Museum at Prairiefire, Overland Park, Kansas

Toni Giffin (M.A., August 2006) Library Technician/Documentation Specialist, Dow AgroSciences and Hotel Historian - Omni Severin Hotel, Indianapolis, Indiana

Erin Gobel (Graduate Certificate, May 2009) Curator, Rotary Jail Museum, Crawfordsville, Indiana

Jill Gordon (M.A., May 2012)  Program Director, Youth Philanthropy Initiative of Indiana

Heidi Gould (M.A. May 2009) Education Coordinator, Carver County Historical Society, Waconia, Minnesota

Christine Gregg Baynham (M.A., May 2011) Virtual Classroom Coordinator, World War II Museum, New Orleans, Louisiana

Sarah M. (Cole) Halter (M.A., May 2007) Director of Public Programs, Indiana Medical History Museum, Indianapolis, Indiana

Cathy Hamaker (M.A., May 2006) Exhibit Developer, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, Indiana

Alexander Hampton (M.A., May 2013) Indianapolis Zoo, Indianapolis, Indiana

Emily Hansen (M.A. December 2008) Independent Museum Consultant, Indianapolis, Indiana

Kathryn Harvey (M.A. December 2008) Special Projects and Grants Coordinator, Indiana State Museum, Indianapolis, Indiana

Kristine Haskett
(Graduate Certificate, May 2005 and Philanthropic Studies M.A.) Director of Development, San Jose Jazz Society, San Jose, California

Dolly Hayde (M.A., May 2013) Research Associate, Lifelong Learning Group, Columbus, Ohio

Stephanie Herrick (M.A., May 2012) Curator of Education, Scott County Historical Society, Shakopee, Minnesota

Erin Hetrick (M.A., August 2011) President, Genius Fish, Indianapolis, Indiana

Anne Hiatt (M.A., May 2013) Site Supervisor, Wisconsin Youth Company, Madison, Wisconsin

Ashley Holland (M.A., August 2007) Assistant Curator for Contemporary Art, Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art, Indianapolis, Indiana

Mariann Hosler (M.A. December 2008) Assistant Director of Development, Wonderlab Museum of Health, Science, & Technology, Bloomington, Indiana

Karine Huys
(Graduate Certificate, May 2006, M.A. August 2007, and Non-Profit Management M.P.A.) Volunteer Program Coordinator, Indiana State Museum, Indianapolis, Indiana

Emily (Pacini) Ide (M.A., August 2009) School and Teacher Programs Coordinator, Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, Hartford, Connecticut

Bethany (Fales) Jackson (M.A. August 2007)

Abby James (Graduate Certificate, December 2005) Educator, Peace Learning Center, Lawrence Township, Indiana

Kristina Johnson (M.A., May 2013)

Sarah King (M.A., May 2012) Assistant Registrar, Tampa Bay History Center, Tampa, Florida

Tiffany Leason (M.A. May 2008) Manager of Higher Education Programs and Research Assessment, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis, Indiana

Chelsea Libby (M.A., August 2012) 

Kelly Lippie (M.A. December 2008) Collections Assistant and Program Coordinator, Tippecanoe County Historical Association, Lafayett, Indiana

Emily (Janowiak) Litsey (M.A. May 2012) Art Teacher, Whiteland Community High School, Whiteland; Indiana and Teacher / Museum Partner, Art Education Association of Indiana

Lauren Lucchesi (M.A., May 2012) Design Arts Department Curatorial Coordinator, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis, Indiana

Emily Lytle-Painter (M.A., December 2011) Education Technologist, J. Paul Getty Trust, Los Angeles, California

Jennifer Mack
(M.A. December 2008) Exhibit Designer, Monroe County History Center, Bloomington, Indiana

Kate Massman (M.A., May 2012)

Rachael Matthews (M.A. August 2010) Programs Coordinator/Interpreter, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, Indiana

Jennifer McDermott (M.A December 2009) Account Executive, ARTNews Magazine, New York, New York

Ailithir McGill (M.A., December 2007) Executive Director, Nickle Plate Arts, Noblesville, Indiana

Amanda McGuire (M.A., May 2008) Associate Director, General Lew Wallace Study & Museum, Crawfordsville, Indiana

J. Robin Meyer (M.A., May 2007) Freelance Digital and Comic Artist

Stephanie Michaels (M.A., May 2013)

Bonnie (Cate) Miller  (M.A., May 2011) Collections Manager, Miller House (Indianapolis Museum of Art), Columbus, Indiana

Mary Monical (M.A., Aaugust 2010)

Bethany Montagano (M.A. May 2009) PhD candidate in History and Curator, Snite Museum of Art, Notre Dame University, South Bend, Indiana

Lauren (Talley) Moschner (M.A., May 2011) Museum Cataloguer, Shelburne Museum, Shelburne, Vermont

Karen Mullins (M.A., May 2008) Owner, Kat’s corner Attic, Benton Illinois

Anna Musun-Miller (M.A., May 2010) Conservation Interpretation Program Specialist, Indianapolis Zoo, Indianapolis, Indiana

Tyler Nowell (M.A., May 2008) Historical Interpretation Specialist, Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, Missouri

Shelley Orlowski (M.A., May 2010) Registrar, Palm Springs Art Museum, Palm Springs, California

Catherine Page-Vanore (M.A., May 2010) Midwest Power Systems

Amy Patterson (M.A., May 2013) Campus Art Collections Manager, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

Melissa Pederson (M.A., August 2007) Exhibit Developer, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, Indianapolis, Indiana

Erik Peterson (Graduate Certificate, May 2011, Public History M.A., March 2013 ) Museum Studies Graduate Candidate, IUPUI

Katherine Petrole (M.A., May 2011) Lead Facilitator, Interpretation Department, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, Indiana

David Pfeiffer (Graduate Certificate, May 2009) Graduate Student, Public History, IUPUI

Johnna Phillips (Graduate Certificate, May 2004) Educator/Programmer in Dinosphere Gallery, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, Indiana 

Lori B. Phillips (M.A., May 2012, Graduate Certificate December 2010) US Cultural Partnerships Coordinator, Wikimedia Foundation; Digital Marketing Content Coordinator, Wikipedian in Residence, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, Indiana

Kali Pope (M.A. May 2009)

JJ Quint (M.A., May 2008) Education Coordinator, Historic Columbia Foundation, South Carolina

Crystal (Gonzalez) Radovanovic (M.A. May 2009) Museum Learning Coordinator, Lakeview Museum of Arts and Sciences, Peoria, Illinois

Gwendolen Raley (M.A., May 2007) Museum Administrator, Morris-Butler House and Museum and Heritage Tourism Director, Indiana Landmarks, Indianapolis, Indiana

Katelin Reeves (M.A., May 2008) 

Don Riefler (M.A., May 2012) Educator, Mobius Science Center, Spokane, Washington

Jennifer Rigsby (M.A., May 2013) Assistant Registrar for Collections, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis, Indiana

Maggie Schmidt (M.A., May 2012) Exhibit Developer, Split Rock Studios, Arden Hills, Minnesota

Sandra Schmidt (M.A., May 2012) Education Coordinator and Curator, Dickenson County Heritage Center and Jeffcoat Photography Studio Museum, Abilene, Kansas
James Seikel (M.A., May 2007) University of Illinois, MBA program candidate, Illinois

Karen Shank-Chapman (M.A., December 2011) Gallery Programming Specialist, Indiana State Museum, Indianapolis, Indiana

Jacob Sheff (M.A., May 2013) Museum and Library Registrar. Percussive Arts Society, Indianapolis, Indiana

Jennifer Skiba (M.A., December 2011)

Meghan Smith
(Graduate Certificate and Public History M.A. December 2006) Conservation Specialist, Indiana State Museum, Indianapolis, Indiana

Alice Smith Goeke (M.A. May 2009) Antiques Dealer at Midwest Estate Buyers, Hidden Treasures Store, Zionsville, Indiana

Jessamy South (M.A. May 2009) Youth and Family Programs Coordinator, The Columbus Museum, Columbus, Georgia

Nicholas Speth (M.A., May 2008) 

Claire Thoma (M.A., May 2012) Evaluation and Research Coordinator, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, Indiana

Eric Todd (M.A., May 2010) Gallery Programming Specialist Manager, Indiana State Museum, Indianapolis, Indiana

Nichole Tramel (Graduate Certificate, December 2010) Master’s candidate in Anthropology, Western Michigan University

Abigail Urban (M.A., August 2007)

Kara (Lewis) Vetter (M.A., May 2008) Registrar, Indiana State Museum, Indianapolis, Indiana

Geneveive Wagner (M.A., May 2012) Interim Volunteer Coordinator, Sam Noble Museum of Natural History, Norman, Oklahoma

Lisa Watt (M.A., May 2013)

Abigail Wolf (Graduate Certificate and M.A., May 2012) Exhibit A / Audience Research Associate / Artist / Art Teacher, Indianapolis Museum of Art / Art with a Heart / Todd Academy, Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana

Brian Woodman (Graduate Certificate, August 2007) Lead Archivist, Western Historical Manuscript Collection, University of Missouri, St. Louis, Missouri 

Rachael Zimmerman (M.A. May 2012) Staff Interpreter, Carillon Historical Park, Dayton, Ohio

Museum Studies Undergraduate Certificate Alumni

Haley Babcock
(December 2011) Children and Family Educator, Des Moines Art Center, Des Moines, Iowa

Janna Bennett (December 2000) Curator of the American Collection, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.

Casey Brunkhart (December 2009)

Tamara Burns (May 2009)

Krystle Buschner (May 2009)

Matthew Coffey (May 2011)

Brandy Cook (December 2010)

Christina Denny (May 2010)

Jessica Fischer (May 2011)

Benjamin Garza (May 2009)

Christina Gentry (May 2010)

Rebeccah Glass (May 2009)

Jamie Goldsborough (May 2013)

Jill Gordon (August 2000) Program Director, Youth Philanthropy Initiative of Indiana, Indianapolis, Indiana. Graduate Student, Museum Studies Master’s program, IUPUI

Kristi Jarrett (May 2012) Serving on Board of Directors, St. Tammany Children’s Museum, New Orleans, Louisiana

Richard Joya de Torre (May 2011)

Anna Lake (May 2010) 

Rebecca Lambert (May 2010)

Andrea Larson (May 2013)

Andrew Mankus (December 2010)

Natalie McCabe (May 2009)

Qwinn McLarren (December 2012)

Carly Miller (December 2010)

Alisa Nordholt-Dean (May 2003) Resource Center Coordinator, Education Department, Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art, Indianapolis, Indiana

Despi (Mayes) Ross (December 2001) Manager of Creative Media Design and Development, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, Indiana.

Michaela Shafer (May 2010) Graduate Student at IU-Bloomington

Sarah Stierch (May 2010) Program Evaluation and Design Community Coordinator, Wikimedia Foundation, Oakland, California

Carol Street (MSTD Individualized Major, May 2005) Archivist for Architectural Records at Ball State University.

Amber Taylor (May 2010)

Angie Vinci-Booher (December 2010)

Catherine Wiley (May 2009)

Amanda York (May 2010)

Anna Yu (May 2011)