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Installing Stand Alone Sony Soloist

There are a limited number of floating licenses available. If you are unable to use Soloist and you didn't have problems in the past then most likely all of the floating licenses are in use and you'll need to wait for someone to quit Soloist.

  • Download and unzip file
  • Install SoloistV7-4_Setup.exe first then SoloUp777.exe
  • Start Soloist then press shift-ctrl F10
  • Click on the Mixer Device tab in first column
    • Change Record Input to Microphone
  • Click on the Save Recordings/Editing tab in the second column
    • Go down to Editing and click on "Permit 'Insert Recording'..."
  • Click on Other tab in third column
    • At the bottom, in the box below "Concurrent Controller" type:
  • Click OK

Using Stand Alone Sony Soloist

Soloist allows instructors to enter comments on student's recordings much like putting a comment in the margin of a student's paper. This requires a mic on the computer.

  • Open and play a student's audio file
  • RIGHT click on the record button
  • Using the computer's mic make your comments
  • When you're done click stop then play to start playing the student's recording just after your comment
  • Save the file as the same name or a different name
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