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The Multimedia Language Resource Center (MLRC) provides cutting-edge educational tools to the students, faculty, and staff of the IU School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI. Our primary focus is to aid in foreign language education and work with both faculty and staff to develop more effective methods of teaching and learning with technology.

We hope you find answers to your questions on this site, but please feel free to contact us if there is something you can't find here. ( or Ph: (317) 278-2277 )

MLRC Resources

The MLRC offers a number of resources that are available to all language students and faculty in the IU School of Liberal Arts. Among the services we offer are:

Sony Listening LabD
Sony Listening Lab

Global Connector Lab

  • 26 Listening Consoles
  • Video & Audio playback & recording
  • ELMO visual presenter
  • Professor Monitor Control
  • Macintosh & PC Presentation Capability
  • 30 Windows Computers
  • Digital Audio playback & recording
  • Professor Monitor Control

Reserving MLRC Labs

The Sony Listening Lab and the Global Connector Lab are available to students and faculty on a walk-in basis through out the week. If, however, a class has reserved one of the labs, walk-ins may not use the lab until the class is done. Watch for signs and postings of when the labs will be in use by a class. They may also be reserved by faculty members as part of a course and class who reserve the labs in advance will be given preference over walk-ins.

Reserving one of the labs is easy. If you are a professor in the IU School of Liberal Arts all you need to do is e-mail Levi Osborn at Include Class Number, Date & Time of requested reservation, IUPUI e-mail address if not mailing from that address. Do not phone your request as that is not as reliable as e-mail and does not necessarily preserve a record of your request. Dr. Huested most always will respond within twenty-four hours confirming the request or indicating why the reservation has been declined.

Professors may reserve one date at a time per section, but may schedule additional lab time after each session. In addition, each professor may book the for three 45 minute oral exams per semester. All professors are required to receive a 15 minute training prior to use of MLRC facilities for classes.

Upper level courses and some first year courses can be considered lab intensive. This does not include first year language classes. The instructor must fill out a "Request for Intensive Use of MLRC" application and return it to the MLRC. If the application is approved the instructor can reserve up to ten sessions. After the tenth session the instructor must reserve one date at a time. Intensive user status is designated for each new semester and does not extend beyond the semester for which it is awarded.

We ask that instructors be courteous to others using the lab and cancel their reserved lab time if they no longer need it. A scheduled lab session will be forfeit 15 minutes after the starting time if the class does not show or arrangements have not been made. If your class is going to arrive late please call the MLRC to let them know. (Ph: (317) 278-2277)

Tips for Reserving MLRC Lab(s):

  • Plan Ahead - The earlier in the semester that you schedule class time the more likely it is you'll get the dates and times you want.
  • Request Training - or a tour of the labs to get a hands on feel of what resources are available for your classes
  • Don't hesitate to ask questions (E-mail: or Ph: (317) 278-2277)

MLRC Lab Rules

To maintain the quality and integrity of the MLRC we've established a few rules that will help ensure that all student and faculty receive positive service.

  1. Absolutely NO food or drink are allowed in the lab areas
  2. No cell phone conversations

Violation of these rules may result in the loss of lab use.

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