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 Fall 2015 MHHS Seminars List




Dr. Devon Stillwell, PhD:  

"‘My Mother Has Breast Cancer….What Does This Mean for Me?’: Genetic Counseling, Hereditary Cancers, and Cancer Risk in the 20th-Century United States"

(Co-sponsored by Medical Genetics Department)

This talk analyzes the history of research and genetic counseling for hereditary cancers in the United States. We explore cancer studies conducted by the Eugenics Record Office, mid-century geneticists like Sheldon Reed, and post-WWII "father of cancer genetics" Henry T. Lynch, as well as their relationship to contemporary disease research. This history highlights the role of hereditarian concepts and genetic counseling in shaping 20th-century understandings of cancer, particularly the tendency of both professionals and the public to emphasize cancer risk, early detection, and prevention. It also pushes us to think beyond the BRCA genes to consider the ways in which genetics and heredity were important to cancer research and living in a "cancer family" long before the "gene hunt" of the 1990s.

September 16, 2015

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Walther Hall (R3) Room 203 

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Dr. Ellen Einterz, MD

"EBOLA - it came, killed, and crept away. What are  the lessons learned?"

This talk will cover the disease itself in a non-technical way (what an Ebola patient goes through physically, psychologically and socially), a short history of Ebola, the various whys (why did this epidemic get out of control, why did it go away, why did the U.S. get involved), and the set-up of the U.S. Ebola Treatment Unit in Liberia.  

October 12th, 2015

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Campus Center, CE 307



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