Masarachia Scholars Talk about the Program

"Being part of the Masarachia program was the greatest experience of my academic career. The program enhanced my leadership skills, and the relationships I built with community leaders through internships helped me land a great job as soon as I graduated. Not only did the Masarachia Program improve my academic experience, but it continues to impact my future professional opportunities." - Matt Randall, Political Science, 200? Graduate.

"Through this unique program I have been able to develop theories and skills that are geared towards social action and change. The real world experiences, mixed with the challenging course work, have had a major impact in shaping my long-term goals." -Courtney Singleton, Anthropology, continuing

"Because of the Masarachia Scholars Program I have had the opportunity to meet and work with many amazing students, professors, and community leaders. I have witnessed the power of social action organizing, and I hope to continue a life of activism by serving as a leader in my future communities. This program has truly enriched my college experience by expanding my knowledge both academically and socially." -- Caridad Ax, 2008 graduate, Political Science.