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Speaker’s Lab

The Speaker’s Lab is available for use by all IUPUI students staff and faculty, especially designed for R110 students. In the Speaker’s Lab students will be provided the opportunity to fine-tune their speeches with the aid of student mentors and a host of technological equipment.

Campus Location

Cavanaugh Hall (CA) 001G(Basement)

Liberal Arts Classes that make use of this facility

R110 - Fundamentals of Public speaking

Having trouble?

Contact our onsite consultants or Steve LeBeau.

Can I use this facility?

All IUPUI students, faculty and staff are welcome to use our facilities.

How can I become more involved?

The best way to get involved with the Speaker’s Lab is to visit our facility in the basement of Cavanaugh Hall, room 001G.  You can also visit our website at:


Monday - Thursday 9am to 6pm
Friday - Saturday 10am to 3pm
Other times are available by appointment.

Is there a comparable facility on campus?

The Speaker’s Lab is similar in scope (if not focus) to the University Writing Center.


The ability to digitally record, review, and get feedback on a a presentation.

How does this pertain to the School of Liberal Arts?

The Speaker’s Lab support many Liberal Arts classes and on a university basis directly supports the first of IUPUI’s Principles of Undergraduate Learning (PUL’s).

Core Communication and Quantitative Skills
[Definition:] The ability of students to express and interpret information, perform quantitative analysis, and use information resources and technology—the foundational skills necessary for all IUPUI students to succeed.

[Outcomes:] Core communication and quantitative skills are demonstrated by the student’s ability to:

What type of instruction/attention does this facility offer?

Student mentors help with not only practice and technology but also things like brainstorming. Mentors here are from all around IUPUI (journalism, business, hospitality, science, and more); check out mentor profiles on our Web site. They have several helpful projects going, from tips for speakers to a contest.